1506255_10152134544959712_1799758576_oThose who know gratitude,

even while in the cycle of birth and death,

will keep intact their roots of virtue.


Those who do not know gratitude

ruin their roots of virtue and accumulate unwholesome karma.


Therefore, the Tathagatas praise the grateful and reprove the ungrateful,

and always rescue all beings from suffering  moved by compassion.

—Buddha Shakyamuni, Mahavaipulya Sutra of the Inconceivable State of Tathagatas

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Serene Trust

amiSerene Trust is the gift of the Buddhas,

the shower of Their compassion.

When we invoke the Buddhas through prayer and mantra,

it is not to ask, beg, cajole, or barter.

We express our gratitude for Their blessings of peace and clarity.

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Give Them Up

1470222_575852399159149_1496710467_nO Kalamas, when you know for yourself

that certain things are unwholesome,

and wrong, and immoral, then give them up.

—Buddha Shakyamuni, Kalama Sutra

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The Hidden Storehouse of the Tathagata

ushiku_daibutsu_ushiku__ibaraki_japanBuddha-Nature is strong and vigorous. It is impossible to destroy. Therefore, there is nothing that can destroy it. If there were something that could indeed destroy it, Buddha-Nature would perish.

Nothing can ever destroy such Buddha-Nature. Nothing of this nature can ever be cut or separated. This nature is nothing other than the hidden storehouse of the Tathagata.

—Buddha Shakyamuni, Mahaparinirvana Sutra

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The First Gift

10153291_503818193060560_1293208130_nThe disciples of the Noble Ones, abandoning the taking of life, abstain from taking life.

In doing so, they give freedom from danger, freedom from animosity, and freedom from oppression to limitless numbers of beings.

In giving freedom from danger, freedom from animosity, and freedom from oppression to limitless numbers of beings, they gain a share in limitless freedom from danger, freedom from animosity, and freedom from oppression.

This is the first gift, the first great gift —original, long-standing, traditional, ancient, unadulterated, untainted from the beginning—

that is not open to suspicion, will never be open to suspicion, and is approved by knowledgeable contemplatives and sages.

—Buddha Shakyamuni, AN 8.39

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SamayaTaraMerciful Mother, Samaya Tara Yogini, dispeller of fear, grant me your protection! Sustain my practice with your Mighty Forms, that the pure stream of your force may flow within me in this world and the worlds to come.

Protect and sustain the pure Dharma of definitive meaning!
Protect and sustain the Great Middle Way! Subdue all
hindrances and pacify obstructers!

Make my way straight, that I may swiftly accumulate vast
wisdom and compassion and attain the Great Purpose!

om tare tuttare ture so’ha

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Amitabha_Dewachen2I dedicate the merits of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, of Solitary Realizers and Disciples, of all holy and ordinary beings, as I dedicate my own —past, present and future, previously dedicated and yet to dedicate— that I may arise spontaneously in the Pure Land of Bliss.

I shall manifest from a golden lotus in the Holy Presence, receive the prophecy from the lips of the Protector, swiftly attain perfect enlightenment, and return to lead all those who suffer to Great Benefit.

By the blessings of the Lord of Compassion and the Lord of Powerful Means, may all sentient beings everywhere hear the Holy Name. May they take refuge in the Lord of Boundless Radiance, and arise in the Pure Land of Bliss!

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