SamayaTaraMerciful Mother, Samaya Tara Yogini, dispeller of fear, grant me your protection! Sustain my practice with your Mighty Forms, that the pure stream of your force may flow within me in this world and the worlds to come.

Protect and sustain the pure Dharma of definitive meaning!
Protect and sustain the Great Middle Way! Subdue all
hindrances and pacify obstructers!

Make my way straight, that I may swiftly accumulate vast
wisdom and compassion and attain the Great Purpose!

om tare tuttare ture so’ha

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Amitabha_Dewachen2I dedicate the merits of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, of Solitary Realizers and Disciples, of all holy and ordinary beings, as I dedicate my own —past, present and future, previously dedicated and yet to dedicate— that I may arise spontaneously in the Pure Land of Bliss.

I shall manifest from a golden lotus in the Holy Presence, receive the prophecy from the lips of the Protector, swiftly attain perfect enlightenment, and return to lead all those who suffer to Great Benefit.

By the blessings of the Lord of Compassion and the Lord of Powerful Means, may all sentient beings everywhere hear the Holy Name. May they take refuge in the Lord of Boundless Radiance, and arise in the Pure Land of Bliss!

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True Offspring of the Buddhas

Wat-Chetawan-Slide-00005All beings, with resolve,

should receive the Buddha’s Precepts.

Sentient beings, on receiving them,

join forthwith the ranks of Buddhas

—they are in essence equal to the Buddhas;

they are the true offspring of the Buddhas.

—Bramhajala Sutra

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The Light of a Lamp

candle_in_the_darkWhen light manifests, darkness will definitely cease.

The two cannot be simultaneous.

No matter how long the darkness has remained,

it can still be dispelled with the light of a lamp.

—Ju Mipham, Commentary on the Protector Maitreya’s Madhyantavibhaga
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Mara’s Eight Armies

buddha-defeats-maras-armiesSensuality and pleasure constitute the first army;

the second is aversion.

The third army is hunger and thirst;

the fourth, desire.

The fifth army is laziness and indolence;

the sixth, fearfulness.

The seventh army is doubt;

and the eighth, hypocrisy and stupidity.


Ill-gained fame, honors, and glory;

praising ourselves and despising others;

these are the armies of Mara, the enemy.


—Buddha Shakyamuni, under the Bodhi Tree

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Young Monks

NJBC sponsored monksIf a young monk exerts himself strenuously in the Dharma,

he will certainly illuminate the world

as brilliantly as a moon emerging

from behind a dark cloud that hid it for a while.

—Buddha Shakyamuni, Dhammapada 382

These are the ten young monks at the Jonang Monastery in Pharping, Nepal, sponsored by the New Jonang Buddhist Community.
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Buddha Nature

1782342_252295528276978_1410645519_oBuddha Nature (tathāgatagarbha) is not born,

does not die, does not transform, does not arise.

It is beyond the sphere of the characteristics of the compounded;

it is permanent, stable and changeless.

—Śrīmālā Sūtra

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