Any Good Path

10509483_487123958091597_4140049329810036473_n“Any path that makes you a better sentient being,

more compassionate, more loving,

can only benefit yourself and others.

I am not interested in making you a Buddhist;

I want to help you manifest your Buddha Nature.”

—Kyabje Tashi Norbu Rinpoche

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Evil Spirits

Vajrasattva2“Evils spirits” are nothing but the negative tendencies that we have accumulated in our minds. They are called “Maras” (enemies), in Buddhism. In the Jonang lineage, this teaching is made explicit in the following contemplation:

Mara, I see you 

in my sense of separation and supremacy;

in my jealousy and violence;

in my craving and dissatisfaction;

in my greed and miserliness;

in my hate and cruelty;

in my fear and unskillfulness;

in my pride and apathy;

and my doubts and insecurities.


I see you and I purify you.

om vajrasattva hum


All is pure as it is.

I am pure as I am.

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Four Real Friends

1560649_4143154474695_6459265015411592090_nThe friend who is a helper,

the friend in sorrow and in joy,

the friend who gives good counsel,

the compassionate friend

—these four real friends

the wise should know at their true worth,

and cherish them with care,

just like a mother loves her dearest child.

—Buddha Shakyamuni, Sigala Sutra

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10356727_278039895702541_3766602183614953885_nWhat is ignorance? What is the cause of ignorance?

What is the cessation of ignorance?

What is the way to the cessation of ignorance?

Not knowing suffering,

not knowing the cause of suffering,

not knowing the cessation of suffering,

not knowing the way to the cessation of suffering

—that is ignorance.

Buddha Shakyamuni, Middle-length Discourses

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_MG_8621If all the merit of taking Refuge

were to take a physical form,

the whole of space, entirely filled,

would not be enough to contain it.

—Patrul Rinpoche, Words of My Perfect Teacher.

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tAranAtha_1Protecting life leads to longevity,

generosity leads to sufficient wealth,

propriety leads to freedom from enemies,

truthfulness leads to praise,

reconciling others leads to having many friends,

speaking gently leads to hearing pleasant words,

speaking meaningfully leads to noble speech,

contentment leads to accomplishing one’s aims,

compassion leads to a happy mind,

and right view leads to expanding intelligence.

—Jetsun Taranatha, Jonang LamRim

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No More War!

10268721_867404906619829_2810534546168773922_nVerily, due to sensuous craving,

kings fight with kings, princes with princes,

priests with priests, citizens with citizens,

the mother quarrels with the son,

the son quarrels with the father,

brother with brother, brother with sister,

sister with brother, friend with friend.

—Buddha Shakyamuni, Majjhima Nikaya

If everyone were to follow the advice of the Buddha, there would be no reason for war to take place in this world. It is the duty of every cultured man to find all possible ways and means to settle disputes in a peaceful manner, without declaring war to kill his fellow men. —Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda Maha Thera

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