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Healing Principles

Shuddha Ayurveda, the Dharma Healing science, meets us where we are, helps us to see the world and our place in it with clarity, and allows us to move forward with confidence. ‘Shuddha’ means pure, positive, and non-sectarian. It is the original … Continue reading

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Mind Training: 7th Proverb

Train taking and sending alternately. Ride them on the breath. Because all suffering ultimately stems from attempting to become happy independently of others, the fundamental cause of suffering is self-cherishing, or the belief that our own interests are more important … Continue reading

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Happy Holy Days!

In this season in which we remember the advent of Lord Jesus, the Great Bodhisattva of the Western peoples, let us contemplate the essence of His teaching: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. … Continue reading

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Mind Training: 6th Proverb

In daily life, be a child of illusion. All perceptions are internal mental representations. As such, they are distorted by afflicted emotions and wrong views. Your perception of phenomena is an internal representation, a mental concept. Your perception of ‘self’ … Continue reading

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Lamrim: Stages of the Path

New Jonang Lam Rim Renouncing Suffering, Developing Great Purpose, and Manifesting Natural Perfection Based on Dharma Lord Taranatha’s Essence of Ambrosia Aspiration May what I’m about to do yield favorable results. May it give me the capacity to benefit others. … Continue reading

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Mind Training: 5th Proverb

Rest in the basis of all experience. You are clear wisdom that is beyond intellect, empty clarity in which experience arises unceasingly. This is Buddha Nature. When you recognize it, rest right there and do nothing. Even if every internal … Continue reading

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Help Animals!

In previous posts, we have discussed how the most important factor in the cultivation of Dharma is generating Great Compassion, and have invited all Dharma practitioners to compassionately save the lives of animals.  Here are eight actions you can take to help … Continue reading

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