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Combinations of Mind and Matter

And what is namarupa, name-and-form? Feeling, perception, intention, contact, and attention —these are called “nama”. The four great elemental states (solidity, liquidity, radiance, and volatility) and the forms dependent on the four great elemental states —these are called “rupa”. This … Continue reading

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If Dharma practitioners are holy, it follows that wherever they go they leave in their wake an increase in faith and compassion, a diminishing of sectarianism and emotionalism, and beings who are more gentle and relaxed. When faith, respect, and … Continue reading

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Loving-Kindness Practice

The original name of this practice is maitri bhavana (Sanskrit) or metta bhavana (Pali). Maitri means love, friendliness, or kindness, and bhavana means development or cultivation. A common form of the practice consists of five stages: Cultivate loving kindness for yourself, reciting: “May I … Continue reading

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Not A Place, A Realm, Or Destination

Liberation is not a place, another realm, or a destination. It is an uprooting of the emotional afflictions in my mind, so that they never arise in the future and are purified within the expanse of suchness.   “Once the … Continue reading

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Total Liberation

Once infinite loving kindness has been developed, frequently practiced, firmly established, expanded, made a vehicle, a foundation, and brought to full perfection, then it will be impossible for ill-will to take possession of and obsess the mind, for infinite loving … Continue reading

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From Ignorance to Liberation

Appearances arise from afflictions and karma. Karma originates from the mind. The mind is constituted by latent tendencies. Freedom from latent tendencies is bliss. This blissful mind is peaceful. A peaceful mind will not be ignorant. Not to be ignorant … Continue reading

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We who are like children, shrink from pain, but love its causes. We hurt ourselves through our misdeeds. So why should others be the object of our rage? —Arya Shantideva, Bodhicharyavatara, 6.45

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