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Vows of Samantabhadra

May I be a good doctor for those who suffer illness, a capable guide for those who go astray, a bright lamp for those who dwell in darkness, an inexhaustible treasure for those in need. ―Avatamsaka Sutra

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The Three Times

What is in the past is already destroyed. What is in the future has not yet arrived. What is in the present does not abide. Although we contemplate in this manner the production, destruction, scattering, and demolition of mental phenomena and phenomena arising … Continue reading

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Scorched Seeds

Liberation is not a place, another realm, or a destination. It is an uprooting of the emotional afflictions in my mind, so that they never arise in the future and are purified within the expanse of suchness.   “Once the … Continue reading

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A Different Thanksgiving

I am not counting my material blessings today, although they are many. I am counting the blessings that endure. This precious human life is rare from the perspective of number, cause, quality, and frequency. I will take full advantage of … Continue reading

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May All Be Happy!

For an infinite number of lifetimes I have had mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, teachers, friends, spouses, daughters, and sons. They have cried more tears for my sake than could fill one hundred million oceans. Is it not right for them now … Continue reading

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Ease Now, Bliss Later

If we are freed of all lust, desire, attraction, thirst, passion, and craving for the manifold various forms, feelings, experiences, constructions, and varieties of consciousness, then, with the inevitable change in and alteration of these, we do not experience any disappointment, dissatisfaction, discontent, pain, frustration, … Continue reading

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Causes of Suffering

All of the suffering in the three lower realms and the two higher realms does not arise without causes and conditions. The cause is non-virtuous actions. Although there are various enumerations of non-virtuous acts, the principal ones to be abandoned are summarized as ten. … Continue reading

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