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When sharing the Dharma, the Buddha in the mind of an ordinary being speaks to the ordinary being in the mind of the Buddha, and an ordinary being in the mind of the Buddha listens to the Buddha in the … Continue reading

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“Seeing Is Believing”

We trust the testimony of our senses, but fail to take into account their physical limitations and our situational perspectives. Is the sun a small disk in the sky? Does it rise in the East and set in the West? … Continue reading

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Here and There

Is this woman a mother, a daughter, a sister, a spouse, a boss, an employee, a teacher, a student, a friend, an enemy, a stranger, or something else? One singular person can simultaneously embody all these designations, as she relates to … Continue reading

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Heads or Tails

On the eighth day of the lunar month, half of the moon is visible, and the other half is dark. However, the bright half does not negate the existence of the dark side –on the contrary, it indicates and affirms … Continue reading

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‘Buddha’ and ‘Nirvana’

Direct perfect enlightenment with regard to all aspects, and abandonment of the stains along with their imprints are called, respectively, ‘Buddha’ and ‘nirvana’. In truth, these are not two different things. Liberation is distinguished by indivisibility from qualities present in … Continue reading

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The Eight Similes of Illusion

As in a dream, all external objects perceived with the five senses are not there; they are mental fabrications. As in a magic show, things are made to appear by a temporary conjunction of causes, circumstances and connections. As in … Continue reading

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Though they are beyond all worldly matters, these Bodhisattvas do not leave the world. They act for the sake of all beings, unblemished by its defects. As a lotus will grow in the midst of muddy water, not being polluted … Continue reading

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The dharmakaya does not change into something else, since it has inexhaustible properties. It is the refuge of beings, since it protects them without limit, until the final end. It is always free from duality, since it is foreign to … Continue reading

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The nature of mind, just as the element of space, does not depend upon specific causes or conditions, nor does it depend on a gathering of these. It has neither arising, cessation, nor abiding. The clear and luminous nature of mind is as changeless … Continue reading

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From the Buddha stems the Dharma, from the Dharma, the Assembly of Noble Ones, from the Assembly, the attainment of Buddha Nature, the element of primordial wisdom. This wisdom finally attained is supreme enlightenment, possessing all the properties that fulfill … Continue reading

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