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Key Teachings

A hundred scholars and a thousand yogis can say all they want to say about the nature of mind. But all can be summed up by this teaching of Jigme Lingpa. The mind should never be separate from loving kindness … Continue reading

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They Were Our Mothers

The meat we consume in our life is the flesh of our mothers and fathers from previous lives. If we are upright and have a conscience, how can we bear to eat the flesh of our parents killed by a … Continue reading

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The Merit of Bathing the Buddha

I now bathe the Tathágata. His pure wisdom and virtue adorn the assembly. I pray that those living beings of this period of the five impurities may quickly witness the pure Dharma body of the Tathágata. May the incense of … Continue reading

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The Seed of Compassion

Eating meat, at the cost of great suffering for animals, is unacceptable. If, bereft of compassion and wisdom, you eat meat, you have turned your back on liberation. The Buddha said, “The eating of meat annihilates the seed of compassion”. … Continue reading

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The reason for practicing meditation and seeking to attain samadhi is to escape from the suffering of life. But in seeking to escape from suffering ourselves, why should we inflict it upon others? Unless we can control our minds, so … Continue reading

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Four Assurances

The disciple of the Noble Ones, who has a hate-free mind, a malice-free mind, an undefiled mind, and a purified mind, is one by whom four assurances are found here and now. Suppose there is a hereafter and there is … Continue reading

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