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Ever-perfect liberation does not refer to the liberation of a Buddha that has occurred in the past, such as that of Buddha Sakyamuni, but to the way in which countless beings are liberated right now and will continue to be … Continue reading

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Shifting your concern from your own well-being to include a genuine concern for the other person can transform your relationships, and it can also transform you as a person. You can become a person who provides well-being to others, and … Continue reading

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Realize Buddha Nature

Generally speaking, the ultimate message of Buddhism is that you possess Buddha Nature. In other words, you already and quite naturally have within you the qualities of complete enlightenment. But you need to realize this. The fact that you don’t … Continue reading

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Ritual and Superstition

In some religions, ritual is believed to be efficacious ‘from its own side’ ―that is, the words and actions that constitute the ritual are considered effective, independently of other causes and conditions, and even in situations in which causes and … Continue reading

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This Treasure Called Generosity

Lay disciples of the Buddha, with a mind free of disgracing miserliness, freely bountiful and openhanded, delight in being magnanimous, are responsive to every request, and enjoy the giving of alms. … Just as a filled pot, when it is … Continue reading

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Three Wheels

I bow at the feet of the Lamas who teach the intent of the Dharma Wheel of the Four Truths, the Dharma Wheel of No Characteristics, and the Dharma Wheel of Certainty in the Absolute. I bow at the feet … Continue reading

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Tonglen: Giving and Taking

All sentient beings, my parents, wish happiness; all wish to avoid suffering. If all my mothers suffer, how can this child be happy? I shall suffer the consequences of my unskillful acts, if not this very day, then shortly after— … Continue reading

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All phenomena merely arise from conditions, without any self, agent, soul, or creator, and are like a dream, an illusion, a mirage, or an echo. The objects of perception appear to be external, but are merely the habitual propensities of … Continue reading

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Painful, Dangerous, and Boring

The nature of suffering is the same for the entire three realms —like being caught in a pit of fire, or a vicious viper’s mouth, or like a bee circling inside a pot. ―Kunchen Dolpopa In other words, the cycle … Continue reading

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Pulp Dharma and Buffet Buddhism

Sadly, Buddhism today faces two great challenges in the world, and especially in the West: on one hand, there is a misrepresentation of the teachings by those who pretend to know the Dharma better than the Buddha Shakyamuni, and on … Continue reading

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