Buddhist Holidays

31076660_1688806644535343_6052355600128409600_nNying Je Ling Observances

No calendar is entirely free from fault or distortion, and therefore all are fundamentally imprecise. They are conventions. As such, our kind Root Teacher, Kyabje Tashi Norbu Rinpoche, recommended that we determine the dates of our observances on the basis of the principles of intention (feast days are observed in order to accumulate merit and wisdom), circumstance (living in the West, we utilize the Julian calendar in everyday affairs), and simplicity (since all calendrical calculations are flawed and imprecise, the easier the method utilized to determine a particular date, the better).

Therefore, we propose observing our Principal Holidays on the following days:

First Sunday in January: Tashi Norbu Rinpoche

First Sunday in February: Buddha Amideva

First Sunday in March: Nagarjuna, Asanga, and Vasubandhu

Last Sunday in March: Confession and Reparation

First Sunday in April: New Year

First Sunday in May: Kunchen Dolpopa

First Sunday in June: Buddha Sakyamuni

First Sunday in July: Jetsun Taranatha

First Sunday in August: First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma

First Sunday in September: Penam Rinpoche

First Sunday in October: Great Jonang Stupa

First Sunday in November: Mother Protector Samaya Tara

First Sunday in December: Buddha of Compassion


In addition, there are three recurring observances each month:

Second Week: Healing and Memorial

Third Week: Vow Renewal

Fourth Week: Protector and Guru Yoga

2 Responses to Buddhist Holidays

  1. Sean Vidal says:

    Hello Tashi-la, how are these holidays celebrated or observed? Are there specific practices that we should keep on the holidays which fall on the first Sunday of each month?

    Thank you.

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