How to Use Zoom

Zoom is an easy-to-use tool for teleconferencing.  We recommend downloading and installing the application and practicing joining the meeting before Sangha begins.

Join a Virtual Sangha Meeting Using the Zoom Application

  1. Open a browser (Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and go to
  2. A pop up will appear prompting you to download and install the app.  If nothing pops ups, select the link highlighted below. Follow your computer’s prompts to install the software.

3. Next, you will be asked if Zoom can use your computer’s camera if you have one.  You may allow it or decline it, but at the bottom choose “Join without video” if you do not want to be seen by all meeting participants.

4. Zoom will then ask you if you want to join with a phone call or computer audio.  Choose “computer audio.”

5.You have now joined the meeting, but a VERY important next step is to look in the lower left hand corner and MUTE your microphone to reduce distraction.  (Only unmute your microphone if you wish to speak or ask a question.)