Weekly Sessions – Sesiones semanales


Meditation and Conversation

Meditación y conversación

Everyone is welcome. Todos bienvenidos.

Sunday: 10:00 AM Central (UTC-5)

Discourse of the Venerable Dharmadinna

Miércoles (en español): 6:30 PM, Zona Horaria Central (UTC-5)

Discurso de la Monja Dharmadinna

Thursday: 7 PM Central

Discourse on Weal and Woe

Sábado​ ​(en español): 9 AM, Zona Horaria Central

El Prontuario del Dharma

All are welcome. Please join us from your home at https://zoom.us/j/825940300

If you need help using Zoom, please view this page.

It is wise to download Zoom before the first use. As a courtesy to others, please place your computer in silent mode during the meditation and until it is time to discuss the teachings.

If you are so inclined, please offer dana (financial contribution) through PayPal and Zelle to GreatMiddleWay@gmail.com, or Venmo @Tashi-Nyima-1

If you need help using PayPal, please view this page.

27 Responses to Weekly Sessions – Sesiones semanales

  1. diana says:

    Are the Sunday gatherings for beginners as well?

  2. Lise Dunn says:

    Do you do Audio teaching as I live in Australia?

  3. Patricia Liantonio says:

    good morning tashi,
    is there any place I might listen, pray and meditate with the group? I am located in southold, new York

  4. Jan Parsley says:

    I have gained a lot of insight just going over this website. How to breath. Meditate. Better able to be kind and considerate towards myself and to others. To be joyful.

  5. Mel Mayin says:

    Hi Tashi!

    I love seeing you at the DMC and for the last year I have had the intention to attend the weekly Sangha with you on Sunday mornings but am wanting to bring my son along as well. He is nine but really want to share the main mediation meeting with him both yours and the normal Sangha I am a part of at the DMC. Question is do you feel that there is a certain age or time that it is appropriate to start including him with us in our practice? Thank you in advance for your input. See you soon!


    • Tashi Nyima says:

      Dear Mel, there is no specific age or time that is best. It depends on whether your son would feel comfortable in a Sangha setting and sitting through a 2-hr session. All the best, TN

  6. Is the BLIND TURTLE SANGHA an active meditation group?

  7. Danielle Gillette says:

    Hello Tashi. I’m in Dr.Jain’s South Asian Religion and Philosophy class at UNT. You came and spoke at our class, and I plan on attending tomorrow’s 10 a.m. meeting for my research paper and presentation. Hopefully I’m not too late in posting this question for you to see and maybe respond before the Elucidation of the Dharma meet, but I was wondering if there would be a point before or after at which I could ask you a few philosophical questions. I’ve been exploring and admiring Buddhism for quite some time now, so a personal conversation would be greatly appreciated and very much helpful.

    All the best,


  8. Jon Redding says:

    Hi, I was attending the meetings in Hurst, but moved to Dallas. Would it be possible to attend the meetings here in Dallas?



  9. Ron says:

    Hello Tashi. It’s been a while since I last saw you. Question regarding Mudra. When I would sit with you in meditation we would sit palms up in the lap, place the right hand above the left hand.
    Why? What would this Mudra cause? What was the purpose of doing this instead of pointer finger touching the thumb? Thanks.

  10. Andy says:

    It is a wonderful day because I stumbled across your blog. Your inclusive approach is refreshing. Thank you.

  11. jess says:

    hi, is the schedule on this website current? thank you.

  12. Venerable Tashi-la,

    Me encanta su estilo de presentación del Dharma y quisiera aprender mas de su tradición. ¿Podría decirme cómo sería posible participar o escuchar sus enseñanzas virtuales en español?

    Con mettacittena,


  13. Jeff Clardy says:

    I plan to make the Sunday session a regular thing, I was wondering the cost and what is expected of me to bring, if anything?

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