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If you desire ease, forsake learning. If you desire learning, forsake ease. How can one at his ease acquire knowledge, and how can the earnest student enjoy ease? —Arya Nagarjuna

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Illness must be diagnosed, its causes eliminated, wellbeing attained, and treatment applied. Likewise, suffering, its causes, their cessation, and the path must, in turn, be understood, eliminated, realized, and relied upon. —Maitreya

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Any notion of attachment, aversion, or indifference is considered an emotional obscuration. Any notion of subject, object, and action is considered a cognitive obscuration. —Maitreya

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Stains & Qualities

Buddha Nature is empty of adventitious stains, which are characterized by their total separateness. It is not empty of unsurpassed qualities, which have the character of total inseparability. —Maitreya

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Merit Beyond Measure

Reproducing Dharma texts, dedicating and donating them; studying, reading, memorizing, and explaining them; reciting them aloud, contemplating, and meditating on them: these ten activities bring merit beyond measure. —Maitreya

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All Faults

When there is an “I”, there is a perception of other, and from the ideas of self and other come attachment and aversion. Because of getting wrapped up in these, all possible faults come into being. —Dharmakirti

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Although I too am within Amideva’s grasp, passions obstruct my eyes and I cannot see Him. Nevertheless, great compassion is untiring and illumines me always. ―Shinran Shonin

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