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Gratitude is the realization that we are neither independent nor self-sufficient, but part of an extraordinary continuum of events and beings, and the celebration of our mutually supportive connections.  The understanding of dependent origination explains that everything in this world … Continue reading

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Many Boats

There are many boats the shore —some large, some small; some strong, some feeble; some beautiful, some not; some full, some almost empty; some rich, some poor; some sea-worthy, some not; some propelled by rowing, some by sail…  So are … Continue reading

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Five Fears

Bodhisattvas overcome five fears through the practice of generosity: the fear of loss of life, the fear of loss of control of the mind, the fear of loss of reputation, the fear of loss of livelihood, and the fear of … Continue reading

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When the world is on fire with aging and death, one should salvage one’s wealth by giving. What’s given is well salvaged, what’s given bears fruit as pleasure. What isn’t given does not. Thieves take it away, or kings; it … Continue reading

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For some, discipline is joy; For others, discipline is pain. Discipline observed is joy; Discipline transgressed is pain.  —Buddha Shakyamuni, Beloved of Monks Sutra

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May all beings be happy

May all beings in this universe be happy. May all enjoy prosperity and welfare. May all experience peace.   May plenitude and fullness be unto all beings. May auspiciousness and blessedness be unto them.   May all be free from … Continue reading

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The Buddhas teach that emptiness Definitely eliminates all clinging to views, But those who cling to the view of emptiness Are said to be incorrigible.  —Arya Nagarjuna, Mulamadhyamakarika 13.8

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dharmo rakshati rakshitah

The Dharma upholds those who uphold the Dharma.

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Neither Sectarian nor Eclectic

Ris or phyog-ris in Tibetan means “partisan” or “sectarian”. Med means “No”. Ris-med (Wylie), or Rimé, therefore means “non-partisan” or “non-sectarian”. It does not mean “eclectic”, nor does it mean forming a new system that is different from the existing … Continue reading

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Rejoicing in the merit of others

All current effects are the consequences of previous causes previous causes manifest when conditions are suitable all present positive experiences arise as a consequence of previous merit current conditions are not necessarily reflective of current actions wealth, strength, fame, beauty, … Continue reading

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