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Examine your own mind

To see if you’re aware of impermanence or not, check whether your plans are long or short term. To see if you perceive samsara as flawed or not, check how strong are your attachments. To see if you’ll attain liberation … Continue reading

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Delusional Thinking

Samsara is delusional thinking. Delusory attachments and blind passions have no reality. To seek, in spite of this, to free yourself from birth-and-death through discriminative reflections on good and evil, taking this mind of delusory attachments and invertedness as your … Continue reading

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When the perception of impermanence is developed and cultivated, it eliminates all sense desire, all lust for becoming, all ignorance, and it uproots this deep self-deception of independent existence. —Buddha Shakyamuni

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The Power of Love and Compassion

All Buddhas adorn their chests with the sign of virtue, indestructible and adamant, and sit at the foot of the tree of enlightenment. Hordes of obstructers fill the sky, boundless in number, with various forms so terrifying that all sentient … Continue reading

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All Life Matters

May all be blessed with peace always. All beings weak or strong, all beings great and small, beings unseen or seen, dwelling afar or near, born or awaiting birth, may all be blessed with peace! —Buddha Shakyamuni

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“What is this Mara, the Enemy?”

Form, feeling, perception, mental formations, and consciousness are Mara, are the state of Mara, are impermanent, are temporary, are suffering, are painful, are not real, are impersonal, are in a state of destruction, are vanishing, are unstable, are always ceasing, vanishing right here and now.   We should therefore eliminate any … Continue reading

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Consequences of Virtuous Acts

Protecting life leads to longevity; generosity leads to sufficient wealth; propriety in sexual conduct leads to freedom from enemies; truthfulness leads to praise; reconciling others leads to having many friends; speaking gently leads to hearing pleasant words; speaking meaningfully leads … Continue reading

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Expand your mind

A small amount of salt in a glass of water makes the water taste salty. The same amount of salt in a large body of water is imperceptible. In the same way, when the mind is constricted, suffering looms large. … Continue reading

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