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Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is a bridge between formal sitting meditation and informal meditation in everyday activities. It is also useful if you want to meditate for long periods continuously. Alternating sitting and walking provides a way to relieve the stress on … Continue reading

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Nirvana Is Not Nothing

Once upon a time there was a fish. And just because it was a fish, it had lived all its life in the water and knew nothing whatever about anything else but water. And one day as it swam about … Continue reading

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Choosing a Path

There are many boats on the shore. Some are large and some are small Some are strong, some are feeble Some are beautiful, some are not Some are full, some almost empty Some are rich, some are poor   Some are … Continue reading

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Three Questions

Once, a disciple of the Buddha was going to preach His word to the masses. He had become enlightened, and the Buddha said, “Now you are ready to go; you need not accompany me any longer. Once in a while … Continue reading

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Angry Words

Never speak harsh words For they will rebound upon you. Angry words hurt And the hurt rebounds. Like a broken gong.   Buddha Dhammapada Please join us for Brandie’s Benefit Meditation Workshop at Yoga Balance, McKinney TX, this Saturday, April … Continue reading

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King of Aspiration Prayers

Samantabhadra’s “Aspiration To Good Actions” In the language of India: Arya Bhadracarya Pranidhana Raja In the language of Tibet: Pakpa Zangpo Chöpé Mönlam gyi Gyalpo In the English language:  The King of Aspiration Prayers: Samantabhadra’s ‘Aspiration To Good Actions’ Homage … Continue reading

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Bring the Unexpected to the Path

Mind Training: 15th Proverb There is no certainty that we will not fall victim to disease, evil forces and so on. If we are afflicted by serious illness, we should think, ‘There are countless beings in this world suffering in … Continue reading

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Treating Illness with Meditation

Having deeply understood the origins of a disorder’s arising and manifestations, one should implement a method of treatment. The methods employed are of many types, but can be summarized into two major categories: calming (shamatha), and insight (vipassana) meditation. Calming … Continue reading

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Prayer for Protection at Death

Oh You Buddhas and Bodhisattvas abiding in the ten directions, Endowed with great compassion, endowed with foreknowledge, Endowed with the divine eye, endowed with love, Affording protection to sentient beings, Condescend through the power of Your great compassion to come … Continue reading

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Be a Lamp unto Yourself

Be a lamp unto yourself. Be a refuge to yourself. Hold fast to Truth as a lamp. Hold fast to the truth as a refuge. Look not for a refuge in anyone beside yourself.   Those who are a lamp unto … Continue reading

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