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Right Thought

And what, friends, is Right Thought? The thought of renunciation, the thought of good will, the thought of harmlessness— this, friends, is called Right Thought. —Buddha Shakyamuni, Digha Nikaya

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Four Powers of Purification

Every negative act can be purified through the Four Powers: REGRET –the realization that unskillful acts lead to suffering, like swallowing poison, and the strong determination to neutralize them RELIANCE –taking sincere refuge in our own natural perfection and the … Continue reading

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When a drop falls on the surface of still waters, concentric waves are formed. These waves always travel from the center toward the periphery —never in the opposite direction.   Similarly, when we cultivate spirituality, we start our practice with those … Continue reading

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Pray for Peace in Syria

Pope Francis has invited all Catholics, other Christians, members of the world’s religions, and all persons of good will to join in prayer and fasting this Saturday, September 7th, so that further bloodshed in Syria may be averted, and peace … Continue reading

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