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“I shall keep my Promise.”

I resolve to become a Buddha, Equal in attainment to you, O holy king of the Dharma, To save living beings from birth-and-death, And to lead them all to emancipation.   My discipline in giving, mind-control, Moral virtues, forbearance and … Continue reading

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Vows of Bodhisatva Dharmakara

I establish the unexcelled Vows, And reach the Highest Path of Enlightenment. Should these Vows be unfulfilled, I will renounce Enlightenment.   I will be the great Protector Throughout innumerable kalpas. Should I fail to save all in need, I … Continue reading

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Steadfast Virtues

Buddha Amideva is realized to be none other than the true thusness of the body and mind of all sentient beings, the essentially pure, perfectly bright, wisdom body of equanimity that is always-already possessed. That which is referred to as … Continue reading

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On Reciting the Holy Name Clearly or Distractedly

There is no difference between the Holy Name recited with clarity of mind or the Holy Name recited when one is wracked by illusive thoughts. Some people say that reciting the Holy Name when one’s mind is serene, without any … Continue reading

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In the Present and the Future

If sentient beings are mindful of Amideva and recite his Holy Name, without fail they will see the Buddha in their present and their future lives.  —Sutra of the Samadhi of Heroic Advance

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Repose and Relief

When sentient beings come in contact with the light of Amideva, the three kinds of defilements disappear in them. Their bodies and minds become supple and gentle. They become full of joy and enthusiasm, and positive thoughts arise in them.   … Continue reading

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The Residents of the Pure Land

The mind of the disciples, bodhisattvas, devas, and human beings in the Pure Land is clear and far-reaching. Their appearance in body and attire are not to be distinguished one from another. Only because of conformity with convention are the … Continue reading

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Five Fundamental Practices

If a good man or woman performs the Five Fundamental Practices and has accomplished them, he or she will eventually attain birth in the Pure Land of Bliss and see Buddha Amideva. What are the Five Fundamental Practices? They are: … Continue reading

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Five Fundamental Practices

In his Treatise on the Pure Land, Arya Vasubandhu set forth five fundamental practices for birth in the Pure Land: 1.    Honoring Amideva through bowing and making offerings; 2.    Proclaiming and praising Amideva’s Vows, and extolling His virtues; 3.    Generating … Continue reading

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Serene Trust

As I think of the great ocean of serene trust in the Vow of Buddha Amideva, I find it makes no distinction between the noble and the humble, between monastic and lay. It does not distinguish between male and female, … Continue reading

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