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Difficult Relationships

All persons have different levels of capacity, maturity, training, skill, and experience.  In addition, we have particular family backgrounds, cultures, personalities, idiosyncrasies, tendencies, dominant afflicted emotions, communication styles, and many other characteristics. In short, the combinations and permutations of our karmic … Continue reading

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Four Virtuous Disciplines

Do not repay abuse with abuse. Do not become angry in return for anger. Do not strike back when struck. Do not expose the faults of others when they reveal your own.

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The 37 Practices of the Bodhisattva

Though he sees that in all phenomena there is no coming and going, He strives solely for the sake of beings. To the sublime Lama inseparable from the Lord of Compassion, the Protector of Beings, I pay constant homage with respectful … Continue reading

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Sources of Knowledge

What is manifest is known by valid perception. What is hidden is known by valid inference. What is extremely hidden is known by valid testimony.   In the presence of fire, seeing the flames and feeling the heat constitutes valid … Continue reading

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Most Crucial Point

Grasp this most crucial point, and avoid every downfall: my body, possessions, and merit[1] I give to everyone, protecting, cleansing, and increasing[2] them.  —Shantideva, Shikshasamucchaya [1] Body, possessions, and merit are the three foundations of self-grasping. [2] The four factors … Continue reading

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Discover the Jonang

Whispering Mountains: The Living Presence of the Jonang Help us document the untold story of the Jonang, a Buddhist tradition nestled deep in the eastern mountains of Tibet. This feature-length documentary tells the story of the Jonang, capturing on film … Continue reading

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Letting go

A painful end is preferable to an endless pain. Letting go of illusions is better than holding on to them.

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