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The Red Garuda’s Cry

Invoking the Spontaneous Presence of the Kalkins of Shambala   Imperial Drala[1] of all dralas, Kalki Lord of Life, you are primordial existence. You hold in your left hand the crystal mirror, the living storehouse consciousness of all. ki   … Continue reading

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Practical Emptiness

Arya Nagarjuna said: “The view of emptiness corrects all views.” This is eminently practical advice —skilful means— even though most persons consider it to be ‘deep philosophy’.  Whenever afflicted emotions arise, contemplating their emptiness is the most effective remedy. Specific … Continue reading

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Balance and Harmony

Balance is a state of equal tension between opposites. Harmony is a state in which contradictions are reconciled and extremes combine synergistically. Balance is intrinsically unstable, since any variation in the relative strength of the opposites will provoke unevenness. Harmony … Continue reading

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Prayer for Protection

Merciful Mother, Dispeller of Fear, grant me Your protection! Sustain my practice with Your Mighty Forms That the pure stream of Your Force may flow within me In this world and the worlds to come. Protect and sustain the Pure … Continue reading

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No world can hold it

The completely awakened state is self-purifying and self-expanding. No world can hold it. No lifetime can complete it. No teaching can encompass it. No memory can fulfill it. Because it is pure, it is new, it must always be re-discovered. … Continue reading

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Be our wakefulness!

In this time, when the materialistic outlook infests every mind, and all act with an eye to self-advantage, when logic and false knowledge are the common currency, the Dharma has become an artifact to be bartered.   The vehicle of … Continue reading

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Love is the portal and the offering

Suffering is an endless chain of consequences. Liberation is spontaneous awakening. Because the awakened state is natural, there is no separation or absence of separation. Because wisdom is spontaneous presence, there is no obstruction or absence of obstruction. Because compassion … Continue reading

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