Peace and Light

Meditate on love to calm your emotions, concentrate on inhaling and exhaling to calm your mind, and direct your vital energies into the central channel so that you can directly experience the Unblemished Light beyond the reach of intellect.

Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen

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Samsara Is Exhausted

The essence of thoughts that suddenly arise is without any nature. Do not inhibit their appearance in any way, and without thinking of any essence, let them arise clearly, nakedly, and vividly. Likewise, if one thought arises, observe its nature, and if two arise, observe their natures. Thus, whatever thoughts arise, let them go without holding onto them. Let them remain as fragments. Release them unimpededly. Be naked without an object. Release them without grasping. This is close to becoming a Buddha.

This is the self-extinction of samsara, samsara is overwhelmed, samsara is disempowered, and samsara is exhausted. Knowledge of the path of method and wisdom, appearances and emptiness, the gradual stages, the common and special paths, and the 84,000 entrances to the Dharma is made perfectly complete and fulfilled in an instant. This is self-arisen, for it is present like that in the very nature of awareness. Natural liberation is the essence of all the stainless paths, and it bears the essence of emptiness and compassion.

Gyalwa Yang Gönpa Gyaltsen Pal

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Pure & Impure

If your mind is pure, you are Buddha; wherever you reside is a pure realm; whatever you do is from the state of the Dharmatā (intrinsic nature); whatever appears is the jewel display of wisdom.

If your mind is of an impure nature, you’ll see faults even in the Buddhas; you’ll get angry even at your parents; most things will appear as if they were inimical.

Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye

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What Binds You

A great meditator can experience everything and view all the impressions of the senses without getting involved and entangled, without making anything up. The point is how we deal with and react to appearances. …

Tilopa said to Naropa, “My son, appearance does not bind you, it’s your grasping that binds you.”

Ringu Tulku

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In This Body

Right here, in this body, are the sun and the ocean themselves.

Right here are the River Ganges, Varanasi, and Srayaghavati.

Right here is the illuminating moon!

I have been to all the holy pure realms, to the abodes, and the pilgrimage sites surrounding them. Whatever realizations may be obtained from seeing them cannot compare with what is obtained from the holy abodes in this body.

Saraha, Doha dzoki lu

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This Is How

A disciple has faith in the Teacher and reflects: “The Blessed One in a variety of ways criticizes and censures the taking of life, and says, ‘Abstain from taking life.’ There are living beings that I have killed, many or few. That was not right. That was not good. But if I become remorseful for that reason, that evil deed of mine will not be undone.”

So, reflecting thus, he abandons right then the taking of life, and in the future refrains from taking life. This is how there comes to be the abandoning of that unwholesome deed. This is how there comes to be the transcending of that vile deed.

—Buddha Shakyamuni, Sankha Sutta

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One Phrase

There is a passage in the Majjhima-nikāya where someone approached the Buddha and asked him whether he could summarize his teachings in one phrase and, if he could, what it would be. The Buddha replied that he could, and he said, “sabbe dhammā nālaṁ abhinivesāya.” sabbe dhammā means “all things,” nālaṁ means “should not be,” abhinivesāya means “to be clung to.” Cling to nothing whatsoever.

Then the Buddha emphasized this point by saying that whoever had heard this core phrase had heard all of the Dharma; whoever had put it into practice had practiced all of the Dharma; and whoever had received the fruits of practicing it had received all the fruits of the Dharma.

—Buddhadasa Bhikhu

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Wherever there is space, there are five elements;

Wherever there are five elements, there are sentient beings;

Wherever there are sentient beings, there are karma and defilements;

Wherever there are defilements, there is my compassion also.

Wherever beings need it, there I am to help them.

Yeshe Tsogyal

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You embody the blessings of the Body, Speech, and Mind

of the Buddhas of the three times and the ten directions.

You are the Lord of the Ocean of Definitive Meaning,

the wisdom emanation of Buddha Vajrasattva,

the boundless light of Buddha Amideva,

and the loving glance of the Lord of Compassion and the Mother of Mercy.

I pray to You, Supreme Lord: Peerless Dolpopa, regard me with affection!

—Jonang Lineage prayer

[On the avirbhava anniversary of Kyabje Tashi Norbu Rinpoche]

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To maintain pure discipline is to do away with pretense and concealment.


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