In Rough Weather


There’s certainly no reason why anything in this defiled world should gladden or sadden your heart. Simply endure all fortune and hardship with equanimity.

Otherwise, it’s like being in a boat in rough weather and wanting to shift back to the stern, then up to the bow.


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f0d1a806779fc9be769b5df9c74bd574When you set out with the idea of coming here, surely you did not think “I’m going there; I’m going there,” with every step. You made your way here with your mind full of unrelated thoughts. Nevertheless, you did not cease walking, and you have arrived.

In this way, once you have awakened the aspiration for birth in the Pure Land, if you continue reciting the Name to the end of your life, then even though your mind strays while doing so, you will unfailingly attain birth.


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Contemplation of the impurity of the body overcomes lust;

loving-kindness overcomes malice;

mindfulness of breath cuts off discursive thinking;

the perception of impermanence removes the conceit “I am.”

—Buddha Shakyamuni, Udana

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This Moment Alone

bitbolAs a means of taking your existence lightly and aspiring for the Pure Land, become keenly aware that being alive is a matter of this day only, of the present moment alone. Realize this, and what is now scarcely endurable will be easily borne; your endeavor for the Pure Land will be dauntless.

If you imagine, even casually, that your life will be long, things of this world will swell in importance and all those concerns unrelated to the aspiration for enlightenment will arise. […]

Ultimately, the key to liberation lies in setting your mind on impermanence.


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Although the Buddhist teachings state

that our virtues are best hidden,

purposely making a show of foolishness

is also a fault, one that will turn into lethargy.


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Easy & Difficult


For the virtuous, virtue is easy;

for the corrupt, virtue is difficult.

For the corrupt, corruption is easy;

for the virtuous, corruption is difficult.

—Buddha Shakyamuni, Udana

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AN00030639_001_lWhether you live a mundane life or for transcendence of this world, in the end, the one great matter is death alone. Just resolve, “When the time comes, so be it,” and every pressing concern will vanish.

It is from cherishing your existence and clinging to life that all obstacles arise. If you simply come to realize that death by some mishap is actually a cause for joy, you will be able to face all difficulties with tranquility.

Thus, if you sincerely aspire for the Pure Land, by all means firmly establish this truth for yourself and do not give your mind to things of this samsaric world.


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