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HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! “There are no auspicious days. It is us that make them so.” —Buddha Shakyamuni A new moment arises at every instant, and yet, conventionally we observe the beginning of a new year on this day. Although … Continue reading

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Causes & Conditions

The Dharma teaches that the manifestation of a consequence requires the confluence of multiple causes and conditions. Wrong views, afflicted emotions (attachment, aversion, and indifference), and the habits and tendencies that impel us to act in ways that are unskillful … Continue reading

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Friend to the World

Now, while there is freedom to act, I should always present a smiling face and cease to frown and grimace. The first to extend my hand in kindness, I shall be a friend to the whole world. —Shantideva, Bodhisattvacaryavatara

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