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What you would do if you only had 10 more years to live? 1 more year to live? 1 more month to live? 1 more day to live? 1 more hour to live? 1 more minute to live?  Would your … Continue reading

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Do not disregard small negative acts, thinking they are harmless, because even a small spark can set fire to a mountain of hay. Do not disregard small positive acts, thinking they are without benefit, because even tiny drops of water … Continue reading

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Life and Death

I bow to the Lord of Compassion!   Without faith in the Teacher, I have no guide. Without faith in the Buddha, I have no shelter. Without faith in the Dharma, I have no path. Without faith in the Sangha, … Continue reading

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Distinguishing carefully

The doctrines of the silver and later ages contain errors, and their texts —which adulterate the Dharma like watered-down milk in the market— do not offer faithful witness.  The higher rectifies the lower, and superior principles refute the inferior.  The … Continue reading

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Two Cycles of Four Ages

I bow reverently before the perfect and absolute Buddha, the Welcome, Suchness, Supreme Purity, True Self, Great Bliss, Permanence, and proceed to explain in full the classification of the two cycles of the four ages.  The four great ages have … Continue reading

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Four Practices

I bow to the Lord of Compassion!   To renew and purify my Dharma cultivation, four practices are best.   I shall adopt those acts that lead to happiness: the immeasurable Four[1], the noble Eight[2], the perfect Ten[3]. I shall … Continue reading

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OM Guru A Buddha MI Dharma DE Sangha VA the union of wisdom and compassion HRIH pierces through all obscurations   OM going for Refuge A generating the mind of enlightenment MI confessing all transgressions DE rejoicing in virtue VA … Continue reading

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The Wind that Scatters the Clouds

The ground of purification is the universal ground wisdom, which is like the sky.   The object of purification is the incidental stains, which is like the clouds.   The agent of purification is the truth of the path, which … Continue reading

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On Buddha Nature

In all Suchness there is no differentiation. The Tathagata is pure. All beings share that essence. —Sutralankara   This essence of the Tathagata, when not free from the store of defilement, is referred to as the Tathagatagarbha. —Srimaladevi Sutra   … Continue reading

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On Reciting the Holy Name Clearly or Distractedly

There is no difference between the Holy Name recited with clarity of mind or the Holy Name recited when one is wracked by illusive thoughts. Some people say that reciting the Holy Name when one’s mind is serene, without any … Continue reading

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