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The virtuous acts are the antithesis of the non-virtuous acts. They are extensions of observing the Precepts. They do not supplant or supersede them. We cannot begin to protect life if we do not stop taking life. We cannot be generous … Continue reading

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You Are Not Bad

You want to be happy, and you try as best you can to achieve happiness. You just do not know how. You make mistakes. You have made some unwholesome choices —perhaps many. You have harbored ill will. You have hurt … Continue reading

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Thank You

Gratitude is the realization that we are neither independent nor self-sufficient, but part of an extraordinary continuum of events and beings, and the celebration of our mutually supportive connections. The understanding of dependent origination explains that everything in this world … Continue reading

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Better or Worse

Any situation, whether “good” or “bad”, will be made better or worse by the attitude we bring when facing it. Will a negative attitude ever improve a bad situation? Even a positive situation can be spoiled by a poor attitude. … Continue reading

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We Are Not Powerless!

Confronted with excessive and overwhelming cruelty in our contemporary world, many persons ask: Is it possible to contribute to peace effectively, when nation states, multinational companies, and numerous ignorant groups and individuals are dedicated to multiplying suffering everywhere? What can … Continue reading

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 “I Am Paris” —Only?

In the aftermath of the Paris massacre, there has been much public consternation, accompanied by ubiquitous expressions of solidarity. Some have argued that there is deep hypocrisy in lamenting French deaths while ignoring equally gruesome loss of life in other … Continue reading

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No Better Friend

Knowing that possessions are ephemeral and devoid of essence, practice generosity with respect toward monks, teachers, the destitute, and relatives. For the next life, there is no better friend than what one has given. —Arya Nagarjuna, Letter to a Friend

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