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Who or what is reborn?

Buddhism teaches us that the concept of ‘I’ is just that —a notion without a true basis, lacking permanence and substance, an emptiness. That which we believe ourselves to be is a conceptual elaboration, imputed upon the five aggregates of … Continue reading

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The Marks of the Buddha

Hinayana and Mahayana sutras list the 32 major and 80 minor marks of the Buddha, which include implausible characteristics such as an exceedingly long tongue, extending up to the hairline; webbed fingers and toes; long arms, reaching down to the … Continue reading

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Birth, Disease, Aging, and Death

Our society has progressively exiled the four defining moments of our life experience: birth, disease, aging, and death.  We are born, are ill, and die mostly in hospitals, and the old live in institutional ‘homes’ or artificial aging communities, separated … Continue reading

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Healing Prayers

Reverence to Amideva, Protector of all those without refuge, destroyer of all untimely death, Defender of precious human existence! May your nectar of long life make Dharma teachers live exceedingly long lives, and may their missions be accomplished! When I … Continue reading

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Life Extension

“All who live must die”, but we can prolong life and increase its quality by the simple application of the law of karma. Skillful acts produce beneficial results, and these results are of the same quality as the acts that … Continue reading

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As we celebrate the birth of the Great Bodhisattva Jesus, I wish all my friends peace and clarity. May his words of love and compassion take root in our hearts!  I am grateful for your company on this page during … Continue reading

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Generosity and the Holidays

At this time of the year, we are inundated with appeals from charitable organizations, requesting our assistance for various philanthropic projects. Sadly, there are many organizations whose main beneficiaries are their own officers and professional fundraising contractors, and therefore it … Continue reading

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