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Mind transcends birth and death.

In the equanimity of the absolute,

there is nothing to renounce or attain.


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Appearances are mind,

mind is emptiness,

emptiness is spontaneous presence,

spontaneous presence is self-liberation.

—Karmapa Wangchuk Dorje

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59954706_10219617560892690_7063421361514872832_nIf your aspiration for enlightenment (bodhicitta) is impure, it is not the cause of the right path.

If your aspiration does not include all beings, it does not result in perfect enlightenment.

If it is not sincere, its power is not strong.

Therefore, make sure that your aspiration is pure, all-embracing, and sincere.


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Nothing More Expedient

Related imageIn recommending remembrance of the Buddha, I do not intend to reject the various other sublime practices.

However, this remembrance of the Buddha does not distinguish among males and females, nobles and commoners, or whether it is performed while walking, standing, sitting, or lying down. It does not matter when, where, or under what condition it is practiced, and is not difficult to perform.

When one desires to seek birth in the Pure Land, there is nothing more expedient than the remembrance of the Buddha.


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We Remember Our Debts

genshinOnce born in the Pure Land —the Land of Supreme Bliss— our wisdom is lofty and unclouded, and we fully manifest extraordinary powers. Thus, it is possible to lead to the Pure Land, as we wish, everyone to whom we are indebted, as well as spiritual friends we have encountered in our past lives and rebirths.

With these powers, we see where they have been born; we hear their entreaties; we remember our debts; we understand their thinking; we appear before them; we teach and lead them.


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Eight Characteristics

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Reverence to the Perfectly Enlightened, the best Teacher,

who expounded dependent origination beyond frivolous talk

and is tranquil and blissful: neither extinct nor arising,

neither finite nor infinite, neither one nor many, neither coming nor going.


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Two-Day Fair

Related imageWhat did you bring to the world?

What will you take away? It’s all just a two-day fair

You don’t have many days to stay, traveler.

And you still take pride in false identities

—riches, youth, and appearance.

You came with closed fists;

you will have to open them when you leave.

It’s all just a two-day fair.

—Traditional Nepali Song

(Courtesy of Raghu Aditya)
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