If we wish to walk the Way of the Buddha, unless we observe the precepts, we cannot reach the goal. Never violate either the basic or the higher precepts; firmly observe them and maintain ourselves clean and pure. […]

Unless we observe the precepts, our eye of wisdom will be dark and blind.


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Fluctuating Continuum

Image result for a glassThings are not merely formed through causes and conditions; they actually are causes and conditions. These are two different statements.

If we say a glass is produced by causes and conditions, it sounds like the glass is really there and it came about due to various conditions. But if we say, “This glass is causes and conditions,” then that is just what it is. As the conditions change, the glass also changes.

The glass is a continuum; it is a changing phenomenon. It is dependently arising and dependently designated; it is a fluctuating continuum.

—Ringu Tulku

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5 Wisdoms

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When ordinary beings attain enlightenment, the storehouse consciousness becomes the mirror-like wisdom; the afflicted consciousness, the wisdom of equality; the mental consciousness, the wisdom of discernment; and the five sensory consciousnesses, all-accomplishing wisdom.

The absence of all duality is the wisdom of Suchness. —TN

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tenzin-palmo-2We live in a huge material pollution; air, earth, polluted water. If we could see the energy of anger, violence, paranoia, greed, envy, competitiveness around the earth, it would be a great layer of dirty energy.

It is very important that we do not act on this energy, even if we are outraged. Outrage based on anger instead of compassion just adds more of it to the world, besides fear. As the Buddha says: “Anger is not solved with more anger; anger is solved without anger.”

We have to put out love and compassion because the world is really suffering. And that does not mean that we accept and tolerate. But if we join this energy of paranoia and fear, we will be on that side.

—Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

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shakyamuni-buddha1Having slain anger, one sleeps soundly;

having slain anger, one does not sorrow.

The slaying of anger, oh radiant one,

with its poisoned root and honeyed tip

—this is the slaying that the Noble On4es praise.

Having slain anger, one does not sorrow.

—Buddha Shakyamuni

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Swift Return!

FB_IMG_1556901279382Relinquishing ‘me’ is ceasing to want to be this and that.

Relinquishing ‘mine’ is ceasing to want to have this and that.

In samsara, nothing is worth being; nothing is worth having.

When meeting with sensory objects, stop at contact:

when hearing, just hear; when touching, just touch;

when seeing, just see; when tasting, just taste;

when smelling, just smell.

If stopping at contact is not possible, and feelings arise:

when a pleasant feeling arises, do not cling to it;

when an unpleasant feeling arises, do not avoid it.

If attachment and aversion do arise, do not proceed to craving;

emotions appear, endure but for a moment, and subside.

If you must act, apply the four efforts:

stop harmful acts already started;

don’t start harmful acts not yet begun;

start beneficial acts not yet begun;

don’t stop beneficial acts already started.

If you do act on afflicted emotions,

minimize harm by avoiding beneficial objects,

softening the method, mitigating the intensity,

limiting the frequency, and not dwelling on the satisfaction.

Once you harm self and others, purify your actions:

regret the harm, rely on the guidance of the Three Jewels,

resolve to abstain from further harm,

and remedy it by dedicating the merit of virtuous acts.

When dying, seek rebirth in the Pure Land:

generate serene trust; make a definitive aspiration;

and recite om amideva hrih.

Superior to all methods for relinquishing ‘me’ and ‘mine’

is to dedicate yourself to the welfare of others.

—Kyabje Tashi Norbu Rinpoche, on the anniversary of his parinirvana

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Foremost, Supreme, Perfect


Reciting the name of the Buddha is the most inclusive method: it embraces people of all mentalities and is the easiest to practice. Therefore, the Compassionate One, Shakyamuni Buddha, explained it to Shariputra without being asked.

Reciting the name of the Buddha is the foremost skillful mean among all skillful means, the supreme complete truth among all complete truths, and the most perfect of all the perfect teachings.

—Patriarch Ou-i

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