Every Ability

AsangaFrom the Buddha comes the Dharma; from the Dharma, the Sangha of those who have deep realization; from the Sangha, recognition of the reality of Buddha Nature, pure wisdom. 

Ultimately, when this wisdom has been made fully manifest, there will be supreme enlightenment, along with its qualities and powers, having every ability to accomplish the good of each and every sentient being.

—Arya Asanga, Commentary of the Mahayana Uttara Tantra

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Water & Salt

15036536_915233991909410_5435401710935899713_nA small amount of salt in a glass of water makes the water taste salty.

The same amount of salt in a large body of water is imperceptible.

In the same way, when the mind is constricted, suffering looms large.

When the mind is spacious, suffering fades away.

Contemplate the sky; expand your mind.

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13220908_779263355506475_5263458891694663885_nIn order to overcome any and all attachments to the phenomena of samsara, we should meditatively cultivate the intention definitely to leave cyclic existence, meditating on impermanence and suffering.

Also, we should abandon taking to mind our own welfare and inculcate in our mental continuum the altruistic intention to become enlightened.

—Jetsun Taranatha

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Well Gone & Well Come

22195599_1170208413078632_3686485643566655131_nDirect perfect enlightenment with regard to all aspects and abandonment of the stains along with their imprints are called, respectively, ‘Buddha’ and ‘nirvana’.

In truth, these are not two different things.

Liberation is distinguished by indivisibility from qualities present in all their aspects: innumerable, inconceivable, and unpolluted.

Such liberation is also called ‘Tathagata’, Well Gone and Well Come.

―Maitreya, Uttaratantra Shastra

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Seven Signs

17626225_1158959400892683_1089134753200655661_nHeal the sick. Nourish the young.

Protect the weak. ​Love the beautiful.

Serve the good. Honor the wise.

Align your conduct with the highest view.​

—Kyabje Tashi Norbu Rinpoche

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Great Compassion

22279804_1116160435180495_9004800618825953625_nThe Buddha extends his great compassion toward those who are suffering most.

He especially feels compassion and cherishes those who are bound by delusion.

If he will not rescue one who is actually drowning,

why should he rescue one who is relaxing on the river bank?


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This Mass of Suffering

wpid-taranatha-e5a49ae7bd97e982a3e4bb96e5a4a7e5b888-5-jpgBirth is suffering.

Aging is suffering.

Disease is suffering.

Death is suffering.

I am separated from those I love.

I seek what I want but do not find it.

I encounter the unpleasant at every step.

Making my body the chariot,

my calves the horse, my arms the reins, my head the whip,

I drive myself south and pull myself north,

but not one of my aims is reached.

—Jetsun Taranatha

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