9a6802f960cd05806e23f2baf59662dfFrom the unequal distribution of property, poverty becomes rife,

from the growth of poverty, the taking of what is not given increases,

from the increase of theft, the use of weapons increases,

from the increased use of weapons, the taking of life increases.

—Buddha Shakyamuni, Long Discourses

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Despite All This

Related imageThere are no rivers on whose banks we have not already enjoyed ourselves; there is no place on earth where we have not already dwelt; there is no rank, even in heaven, that we have not already attained.

And yet, despite all this, desire, so difficult to fulfill, continues to grow. —Chandragomin

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A Sublime Tree

Related imageIn the desert of existence, for those afflicted by the heat of sorrow, may you become a sublime and prominent tree whose height is discipline, whose trunk is effort, whose buds are forbearance and self-restraint, whose flowers are calmness, whose branches are wisdom, whose canopy of leaves is generosity, whose top is aspiration, whose shadow is morality, and which offers peace as its fruit!

—Chandragomin, Letter to a Disciple

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Where is the place where nothing is unpleasant?

Where will compounded things not decompose?

Where is the place of only happiness?

Where can you go that you will not die?


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buddhaPlease take to heart the words of a friend who wishes your benefit.

Even when not sweet to hear, these words are helpful, kind, and true.

But do not take to heart the sweet words of ill-intended people,

which are harmful, and neither kind nor true.


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Friends, Relatives, Allies

Eight Auspicious Symbols v1_1 300dpiThose who accomplish difficult tasks,

give up what is difficult to give up,

and tolerate what is difficult to bear;

who accept what is difficult to accept;

who turn you away from what is inappropriate,

and take care to turn you toward what is appropriate;

whose commitment supports your intentions;

who desire your happiness and regard you with affection

—these are friends, relatives, and allies.

Others who follow you only in their own interest

are nothing but very ordinary beings.


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Again and Again

Related image

While revolving in the cycle of existence

again and again, like a rosary,

what have you not already done in the world

a hundred times, or even thousands?


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