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The mind is always free

The delusion of the mind is often compared to mistaking a coiled rope for a snake.   From the deluded perspective, delusion begins at the moment at which we first mistake the coiled rope for a snake, and we are liberated … Continue reading

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Health, Disease & Healing

Health is oneness; disease is separation. Health is abiding in peace; disease is agitation. Health is cooperative function; disease is self interest. To heal is to regain oneness, peace, and cooperation.

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Managing Afflicted Emotions

When we experience afflicted emotions, we can manage them in one or more of the following ways, according to our innate tendencies, capacity, and level of spiritual development. Whenever there is doubt as to which may be appropriate, apply renunciation … Continue reading

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Norway Sings for Kindness

Anders Behring Breivik murdered 77 people in Norway last summer. He claims he’s a soldier in a war against immigrants, non-Christians, and socialists, and is proud of his actions.   Breivik said in court last week that the lyrics of the … Continue reading

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Blessed Impermanence

These past few days, I’ve experienced a racking cough. When I lie down to rest, spasms contract the chest and abdomen, initiating a coughing fit that only ends when I sit up, breathless and nauseated. The head pounds, the skin … Continue reading

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A Prayer for Healing

Just as the soft rains fill the streams, Pour into the rivers and join together in the oceans, So may the power of every moment of your goodness Flow forth to awaken and heal all beings, Those here now, those … Continue reading

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Healing Buddha

“His left hand rests in his lap, palm upward, in the gesture of meditative stability or meditation, representing the eradication of sickness and suffering —indeed, the very roots of samsara— through the realization of absolute truth. “From the point of … Continue reading

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Five Contemplations

I know I will age; I cannot escape aging. I know I will become ill; I cannot escape illness. I know I will die; I cannot escape death. In everything I love, there will be change and separation. I own … Continue reading

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5 Rs on Earth Day

Buddhist common-sense advice on reducing our ‘carbon footprint’: Refrain from all that is unnecessary. Do we really need all the latest gadgets and fashions? Reduce consumption. Of the things we do need, could we do with smaller or fewer? Retain … Continue reading

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There is no “Dislike” button

The internet is, by nature, plural. When entering it, we know that we’re bound to encounter many ideas, some of which we will not share. Especially in religious matters, it is important to respect others, and simply move on when … Continue reading

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