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Padampa’s Advice 4

Forget worldly concerns[1]; concentrate instead on the life to come. Friends, that is the definitive aspiration.   [1] Hope for happiness and fear of suffering; hope for fame and fear of insignificance; hope for praise and fear of blame; and … Continue reading

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Daily Drama

Purifying the mind is not a mystical process. It is nothing more than letting go of the false view of self. That is the cause of suffering: looking at this name and form (nama-rupa, mind and body) and taking it … Continue reading

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Chop Wood and Carry Water

The purpose of a nun or monk is to remind sentient beings of our ultimate goal: liberation and enlightenment. A monastic practitioner is, by definition, a spiritual maximalist. No particular monk or nun is necessarily “more spiritual” than a lay … Continue reading

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