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Life and Death

I bow to the Lord of Compassion!   Without faith in the Teacher, I have no guide. Without faith in the Buddha, I have no shelter. Without faith in the Dharma, I have no path. Without faith in the Sangha, … Continue reading

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The Five Powers

Faith overcomes wrong views. Determination overcomes idleness. Mindfulness overcomes forgetfulness. Concentration overcomes distraction. Wisdom overcomes ignorance.

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Singleness of mind

Buddha-nature is great singleness of mind. Why? Because through singleness of mind the Bodhisattva-Mahasattva acquires all the perfections, from generosity to wisdom. All sentient beings will without fail ultimately realize great singleness of mind. Therefore it is taught, “All sentient … Continue reading

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Nothing to do

Whenever we feel compelled, ‘driven’, to do something, anything, we can remember the words of Milarepa. As long as we feel compulsion, even if it is apparently for the Dharma, it is passion. Only when we do the needful, and … Continue reading

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Skillful means

Skillful means are developed in practice. Only time can refine means. Knowledge is necessary, but insufficient. Application is always an art. Enthusiasm is good; sustained effort is better.   If you do not act to help sentient beings, you will … Continue reading

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Gradual and sudden enlightenment

Every insight or realization is ‘sudden’, in the sense that —in that precise moment— we understand something we did not see clearly previously. We ‘get it’ now, whereas before we did not. However, arriving at those insights is a gradual … Continue reading

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Prayer for Protection

Merciful Mother, Dispeller of Fear, grant me Your protection! Sustain my practice with Your Mighty Forms That the pure stream of Your Force may flow within me In this world and the worlds to come. Protect and sustain the Pure … Continue reading

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