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Tonglen: Exchange Meditation

“Thus have I heard (evam maya shrutam)…”  The text that follows is neither a personal opinion nor an ‘original’ presentation of Exchange Meditation (Tib. tonglen; Skt. parivartana). On the contrary, although committed to conveying these teachings in the context of … Continue reading

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Gradual and sudden enlightenment

Every insight or realization is ‘sudden’, in the sense that —in that precise moment— we understand something we did not see clearly previously. We ‘get it’ now, whereas before we did not. However, arriving at those insights is a gradual … Continue reading

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Be our wakefulness!

In this time, when the materialistic outlook infests every mind, and all act with an eye to self-advantage, when logic and false knowledge are the common currency, the Dharma has become an artifact to be bartered.   The vehicle of … Continue reading

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