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Right Thought

And what, friends, is Right Thought? The thought of renunciation, the thought of good will, the thought of harmlessness— this, friends, is called Right Thought. —Buddha Shakyamuni, Digha Nikaya

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Four Attachments

If you are attached to this body, you lack understanding. If you are attached to this world, you lack renunciation. If you are attached to personal liberation, you lack the mind of enlightenment. If you are attached to views, you … Continue reading

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Discernment is the ability to distinguish what is to be abandoned and what is to be adopted. It is a result of studying, contemplating, and rightly understanding the nature of reality.   Discernment has three aspects: common discernment: understanding suffering, the … Continue reading

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External objects, persons, or situations will never make us happy. Wealth, beauty, power, fame, and worldly knowledge will not make us happy. The rich, the beautiful, the powerful, the famous, and the learned also suffer.   Renouncing the objects of desire … Continue reading

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Revisiting Patience

The Buddha Shakyamuni said that “patience is the greatest austerity.” This was a significant departure from the norm in ancient India, where people practiced severe austerities in the hope of spiritual attainment. When the Buddha says that patience is the greatest … Continue reading

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