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Four Strategies

All of us come to the Dharma with various degrees of wrong views, previous tendencies and conditioning, false identities, afflicted emotions, and extremely sensitive egos. It takes time and effort to leave them behind, or at least transform them sufficiently … Continue reading

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In Praise of the Dharmadhatu, 3-4

As butter, though inherent in the milk, Is mixed with it and hence does not appear, Just so the Dharmadhatu is not seen As long as it is mixed together with afflictions.   And just as the inherent butter essence … Continue reading

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Meditation on the luminous Empty Forms

Vajra (Tib. dorje; thunderbolt, lightning) Meditation is a stilled and peaceful state of mind, without any obstacles to concentration, settled single-pointedly on one object. Vajra Meditation has the associated mental factor of physical and mental pliability (Tib. shin jang), which … Continue reading

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