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On Reciting the Holy Name Clearly or Distractedly

There is no difference between the Holy Name recited with clarity of mind or the Holy Name recited when one is wracked by illusive thoughts. Some people say that reciting the Holy Name when one’s mind is serene, without any … Continue reading

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The Residents of the Pure Land

The mind of the disciples, bodhisattvas, devas, and human beings in the Pure Land is clear and far-reaching. Their appearance in body and attire are not to be distinguished one from another. Only because of conformity with convention are the … Continue reading

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Five Fundamental Practices

If a good man or woman performs the Five Fundamental Practices and has accomplished them, he or she will eventually attain birth in the Pure Land of Bliss and see Buddha Amideva. What are the Five Fundamental Practices? They are: … Continue reading

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Essential and Auxiliary

There are some who say, “The statement that by recitation of the Holy Name of Amideva one may be born in the Pure Land is an example of a temporally displaced intention. Rebirth may refer to a birth many lifetimes … Continue reading

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Are We Good Candidates for Enlightenment?

Do I understand and accept karma and rebirth? Do I renounce the illusion of material happiness? Do I desire enlightenment for all (not just myself)? Do I understand, at least conceptually, emptiness and dependent origination? Do I have certainty about … Continue reading

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Without distinction

There shall be no distinction, no regard to male or female, pure or impure, exalted or lowly. None shall fail to be in the Pure Land after having called, with complete trust, on Amideva. —Honen Shonin (1133-1212)

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Grace vs. Works

The question whether salvation (liberation, enlightenment) results from grace or effort arises in many faith traditions. The dispute is perhaps best known to us in its Christian manifestation as the debate of ‘grace vs. works’, but it is also present … Continue reading

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