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The Residents of the Pure Land

The mind of the disciples, bodhisattvas, devas, and human beings in the Pure Land is clear and far-reaching. Their appearance in body and attire are not to be distinguished one from another. Only because of conformity with convention are the … Continue reading

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Nirvana is the extinction of passions, the uncreated, peaceful happiness, eternal bliss, true reality, dharma-body, dharma-nature, suchness, oneness, and Buddha-nature.   Buddha-nature is none other than the Tathagata, the One Thus Come. This Tathagata pervades the countless worlds; He fills the … Continue reading

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Health, Disease & Healing

Health is oneness; disease is separation. Health is abiding in peace; disease is agitation. Health is cooperative function; disease is self interest. To heal is to regain oneness, peace, and cooperation.

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Separation is an illusion

Duality is an artifact of consciousness; it is always ‘a consciousness of something‘. Separation is fundamentally an illusion, a misconception. When we transcend consciousness, only pristine, non-dual wisdom remains. However, this is not a state of undifferentiated oneness. There is fullness … Continue reading

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