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Life and Death

I bow to the Lord of Compassion!   Without faith in the Teacher, I have no guide. Without faith in the Buddha, I have no shelter. Without faith in the Dharma, I have no path. Without faith in the Sangha, … Continue reading

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Five Fundamental Practices

If a good man or woman performs the Five Fundamental Practices and has accomplished them, he or she will eventually attain birth in the Pure Land of Bliss and see Buddha Amideva. What are the Five Fundamental Practices? They are: … Continue reading

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The Five Powers

Faith overcomes wrong views. Determination overcomes idleness. Mindfulness overcomes forgetfulness. Concentration overcomes distraction. Wisdom overcomes ignorance.

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Ten Aspects of Mindfulness

Mindfulness which is still and quiet, mindfulness which is pure, mindfulness which is not turbid, mindfulness which is bright and penetrating, mindfulness which is apart from defilement, mindfulness which is apart from stains, mindfulness which is apart from corruption, mindfulness … Continue reading

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No contraindication

Among salutary means, the subtle are simplest and most effective. When we are mindful of each limb or organ as we exercise it, we bring the mind’s attention, and the prana that bears it, to every part.   What we call … Continue reading

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Mindfulness and clarity

When walking, he knows “I am walking”; when standing, he knows “I am standing”; when sitting, he knows “I am sitting”; when lying down, he knows “I am lying down”. —Buddha Shakyamuni, Satipatthana Sutta  Beyond basic mindfulness, it is advised … Continue reading

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Saga Dawa 2012

Saga Dawa is the entire fourth lunar month of the Tibetan calendar, which this year begins on May 20 and ends on June 19. The Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and release into nirvana are observed together on the 15th day of … Continue reading

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