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Cultivate the Four Immeasurables

Cultivate the Four Immeasurables of equanimity, love, compassion, and rejoicing by progressing through four levels of commitment: reflect on how wonderful it would be if all beings without exception (equanimity) were to be happy (love), free of suffering (compassion), and … Continue reading

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Generosity and the Holidays

At this time of the year, we are inundated with appeals from charitable organizations, requesting our assistance for various philanthropic projects. Sadly, there are many organizations whose main beneficiaries are their own officers and professional fundraising contractors, and therefore it … Continue reading

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Right Conduct

Right conduct is not a socially-defined, restrictive construct, but is rather the willingness and ability to accomplish one’s own purpose, the purpose of others, and great (universal) benefit.   These three purposes are accomplished by giving Dharma (right view), material aid, … Continue reading

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Child Abuse

To deprive a child of rest, play, nutrition, education, company, love, and attention, constitutes child abuse, both according to the law and social norms. Providing a child with intoxicants, and exposing him or her to overtly sexual and extremely violent … Continue reading

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Seven Causal Links of Enlightenment

Perfect enlightenment arises from the awakening mind (bodhichitta). Awakening mind arises from a pure and excellent aspiration. Pure aspiration arises from great compassion. Great compassion arises from great love. Great love arises from affection for sentient beings. Affection for sentient … Continue reading

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