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A Magic Act

When I ring the bell, where does the sound originate?   In the body of the bell? The clapper? In the movement of my hand? In my intention?  Or does the sound originate in your ear, your attention, or your mind?  … Continue reading

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We can be happy

This world of duality cannot, by its very nature, give us permanent happiness. The good and the bad are the two faces of the same coin.  However, that does not mean that we cannot be happy. We can. It is … Continue reading

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Separation is an illusion

Duality is an artifact of consciousness; it is always ‘a consciousness of something‘. Separation is fundamentally an illusion, a misconception. When we transcend consciousness, only pristine, non-dual wisdom remains. However, this is not a state of undifferentiated oneness. There is fullness … Continue reading

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