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Four Types of Clinging

There are these four kinds of clinging. What four?  Clinging to sense-pleasures, clinging to various views, clinging to superstition, and clinging to an ego. These are the four kinds of clinging.  This Noble Eightfold Path is to be cultivated for … Continue reading

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We can be happy

This world of duality cannot, by its very nature, give us permanent happiness. The good and the bad are the two faces of the same coin.  However, that does not mean that we cannot be happy. We can. It is … Continue reading

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The Best

The foremost wealth is charity. The greatest happiness is peace of mind, Experience is the most beautiful ornament. Friends without attachments are the best company. —Sakya Pandita, A Precious Treasury

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Quench your thirst

When you are parched by thirst, the thought of water brings no relief —only drinking can quench your thirst. In the same way, mere information differs from experience.  The exhausting search for information for mere objective knowledge becomes needless with … Continue reading

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