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Four Types of Clinging

There are these four kinds of clinging. What four?  Clinging to sense-pleasures, clinging to various views, clinging to superstition, and clinging to an ego. These are the four kinds of clinging.  This Noble Eightfold Path is to be cultivated for … Continue reading

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Accept my words

Accept my words only when you have examined them; do not  accept them simply because of the reverence you have for me. Those who only have faith in me and affection for me will not find the final freedom. But … Continue reading

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Right Thought

And what, friends, is Right Thought? The thought of renunciation, the thought of good will, the thought of harmlessness— this, friends, is called Right Thought. —Buddha Shakyamuni, Digha Nikaya

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No One

Let no one deceive another, or despise anyone anywhere, or through anger and irritation, wish for another to suffer. —Buddha Shakyamuni, Khuddakapatha

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Once infinite loving kindness has been developed, frequently practiced, firmly established, expanded, made a vehicle, a foundation, and brought to full perfection, then it will be impossible for ill-will to take possession of and obsess the mind, for infinite loving … Continue reading

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Do not disregard small negative acts, thinking they are harmless, because even a small spark can set fire to a mountain of hay. Do not disregard small positive acts, thinking they are without benefit, because even tiny drops of water … Continue reading

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Do Not Kill

You should not kill a sentient being, nor cause it to be killed, nor should you incite another to kill.  Do not injure any being, strong or weak, in the world.  —Buddha Shakyamuni, Sutta Nipata

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Happiness Now and Hereafter

Dighajanu approached the Buddha Shakyamuni: “Venerable Sir, I am an ordinary man, leading the family life with wife and children. Would the Blessed One teach me that which will bring happiness in this world and hereafter?”  The Buddha replied that … Continue reading

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From Ignorance to Death

Through ignorance, intentional actions arise. Through intentional actions, consciousness arises. Through consciousness, mental and physical phenomena arise. Through mental and physical phenomena, the five senses and the mind arise. Through the five senses and the mind, contact arises. Through contact, … Continue reading

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Ten Duties of a Leader

A leader should not crave wealth and property, and should dedicate personal resources to the welfare of all. A leader should cultivate morality, never killing, cheating, stealing, exploiting others, committing adultery, uttering falsehoods, or becoming intoxicated. A leader should sacrifice … Continue reading

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