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Mantra ATM

The Buddha utilized various similes to illustrate his teachings. While these images were appropriate and instructive in his time and place, modern urban Westerners are often at a loss to understand them.   For example, the Buddha Shakyamuni says that the … Continue reading

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Amideva Sutra, 3rd section

“Shariputra, why do you suppose this Buddha Amideva is (also) called Amitabha? Shariputra, this Buddha emits immeasurable light, shedding light upon all the worlds of the ten directions without obstruction. For that reason this Buddha is called Amitabha, the Buddha … Continue reading

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Bits of Rubble Turned into Gold

Buddha Amideva, in his Bodhisattva stage, Made the universal Vow:   When beings hear my Name and think of me, I will come to take them to my land.   I shall not discriminate at all Between the poor and … Continue reading

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No separation

When sentient beings arouse themselves to practice and always utter the Name of the Buddha Amideva, the Buddha will hear them. When they constantly reverence the Buddha, the Buddha will see them. When they continually think of the Buddha in … Continue reading

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The world-honored Buddha Amideva is the foremost king of physicians. If we forget him and fail to call on him, we are indeed deluded.  The utterance of Amideva’s name is the wonderful remedy. If we forget this and fail to … Continue reading

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