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“Only this is true; all else is wrong.”

Why is it that philosophers argue? It is because of attachment to views, adherence to views, addiction to views, obsession with views, and holding firmly to views that philosophers argue.  —Buddha Shakyamuni, Anguttara Nikaya  If one approves of something, receives … Continue reading

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The Dharma is not a secret doctrine

These three things are conducted in secret, not openly. What three? Illicit affairs, sorcery, and wrong views.  But these three things shine openly, not in secret. What three? The moon, the sun, and the Dharma proclaimed by the Tathagata. —Buddha … Continue reading

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The bliss of blamelessness

Knowing the bliss of freedom from debt, and recollecting the bliss of having, enjoying the bliss of wealth, the mortal then sees clearly with discernment.    The wise, seeing clearly, knows both sides: that these are not worth one sixteenth of … Continue reading

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Exercise advice from the Buddha

There are these five benefits of walking for exercise. What five?  One is fit for long journeys; one is fit for striving; one has little disease; one has proper digestion; one attains long-lasting composure.  These are the five benefits of … Continue reading

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