51527554_2321794448107626_7912385887395119104_nBy harming sentient beings, one cannot master the supreme attainment.

Therefore, whether one is a Sutrayana or Mantrayana practitioner, murdered flesh and blood are inadmissible and definitely must be abandoned.

—Phurbu Tashi, The Lamp of Scripture and Reasoning

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Simply dedicate yourself to saying the Holy Name.

This may seem but a pouring of water upon stone,

but utter it, and there will be benefit.


om amideva hrih / namu amida butsu / a mi da phat / amitoufo / namo amitabhaya

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Not Enough

Image result for thich nhat hanhWe cannot support any act of killing; no killing can be justified.

But not to kill is not enough. We must also learn ways to prevent others from killing.

We cannot say “I am not responsible. They did it. My hands are clean.”

—Thich Nhat Hanh

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Having known Amideva’s great compassionate love, we should show kindness and consideration towards other suffering beings.

We should learn from Amideva’s great compassion, and be as generous and compassionate to others as Amideva has been to us.


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Related imageWithout compassion, the wisdom of emptiness will never lead you to the sublime path.

Yet meditating solely on compassion, you remain within samsara; so how could you be free?

But whoever comes to possess both will dwell neither in samsara nor in nirvana.

—Mahasiddha Saraha

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Natural Transformation


Everyone whose heart is touched by the compassion and empathy of Amideva will naturally develop love and fondness for others.

Such a transformation is natural because of the Buddha’s benevolence and power.


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Ten Similes

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Bodhisattvas recognize that all phenomena are like a magic show, a mirage, the reflection of the moon in water, space, an echo, a city in the clouds, a dream, a shadow, an image in a mirror, an invention.

—Nagarjuna, Treatise on the Great Perfection of Wisdom

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