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The dharmakaya does not change into something else, since it has inexhaustible properties. It is the refuge of beings, since it protects them without limit, until the final end. It is always free from duality, since it is foreign to … Continue reading

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Those who lack the faculty of faith, who become discouraged, who are timid, who turn away from diligence, who are complacent with the slightest qualities, who fixate on a single virtue only, who lack skill, who are without a spiritual … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Teaching

The wise live by loving kindness. They live by compassion and sympathetic joy and in a constant state of equanimity towards cyclic existence. By thus training in concentration, they reach enlightenment. Having realized peace free of sorrow, awakening, one sees … Continue reading

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Speak Up for Beings!

Such speech as the Tathagata knows to be true, correct, and beneficial, even if unwelcome and disagreeable to others, the Tathagata knows the time to use such speech. … Why is that? Because the Tathagata has compassion for all beings. … Continue reading

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The Same

As you are, so are others. As others are, so are you. Having thus identified self and others, never harm anyone, nor abuse any being. … Train yourself in doing good that lasts and brings happiness. Cultivate generosity, the life … Continue reading

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No One

Let us not deceive another or despise anyone for any reason, or through anger or irritation wish for another to suffer. ―Buddha Shakyamuni

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Buddhist Faith

It is so, Venerable Sir, that any noble disciples who have faith, who have aroused energy and established awareness, and who are concentrated, will understand reality thus: “This samsara is without discoverable beginning. Any first point for beings roaming and wandering on, … Continue reading

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