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Three Times

What is in the past is already destroyed. What is in the future has not yet arrived. What is in the present does not abide. Although we contemplate in this manner the production, destruction, scattering, and demolition of mental phenomena and phenomena arising … Continue reading

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When our Buddha Nature manifests, spontaneously we seek to heal the sick, nourish the young, protect the weak, love the beautiful, serve the good, honor the wise, and align our thoughts, words, and deeds with Right View.

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Success in any endeavor is measured not by the results obtained, but by the quality and intensity of the intention with which the action is performed; the beneficial effect on others of the person, thing, or situation that is the … Continue reading

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¡Éxito siempre!

El éxito en cualquier empresa no se mide por los resultados obtenidos, sino que por la calidad e intensidad de la intención con que actuamos; el efecto benéfico sobre los demás de la persona, objeto, o situación sobre la que … Continue reading

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Diligence is zeal or enthusiasm for the path. It is finding joy in practicing what is wholesome and skillful. Diligence is the sustained capacity to ‘do the needful’, regardless of temporary moods or conditions. Shantideva said in the Bodhicharyavatara: Having patience, I should … Continue reading

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Here and Now

Enlightenment is not an evolutionary attainment. On the contrary, ordinary existence is a temporary involution of our true nature. Because nothing can cease to be what it is, this involution is not enduring. It arises at every instant, caused by wrong … Continue reading

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The Buddha on Animals

First among the moral injunctions, accepted and shared by all schools and lineages of the Buddha Dharma, is the precept to abstain from taking life (Anguttara Agama): A disciple of the Noble Ones, abandoning the taking of life, abstains from … Continue reading

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