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The Price of Everything, the Value of Nothing

Contemporary culture monetizes everything. We put a price on things, on situations, and even sentient beings. We calculate the return on investment of our time, resources, and efforts, and act in order to secure some elusive profit. In refusing to … Continue reading

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When a drop falls on the surface of still waters, concentric waves are formed. These waves always travel from the center toward the periphery —never in the opposite direction. Similarly, when we cultivate spirituality, we start our practice of loving … Continue reading

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Three Turnings of the Wheel

The Three Turnings of the Dharma Wheel are the three cycles of the Buddha’s teaching, in which He emphasized various aspects. The First Wheel (in which He presented the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Noble Path) are focused on cause … Continue reading

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Mental Magic

The realization of emptiness can be cultivated directly by reminding ourselves constantly that all appearances are mental elaborations, arising from our accumulated karma, perspectives, tendencies, and desires. Kunchen Dolpopa states in The Supplication: “All phenomena merely arise from conditions, without … Continue reading

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A Mass of Suffering

Whatever feeling arises, whether painful or pleasant, or neither painful nor pleasant, one does not seek gratification through feeling or remain attached to it.   As one does not do so, craving for feeling ceases. With the cessation of craving … Continue reading

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Let It Go

All persons have different levels of capacity, maturity, training, skill, and experience.  In addition, we have particular family backgrounds, cultures, personalities, idiosyncrasies, tendencies, dominant afflicted emotions, communication styles, and many other characteristics. In short, the combinations and permutations of our karmic … Continue reading

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Real Mindfulness

Mindfulness has become fashionable as a technique to combat stress, increase efficiency, and “live in the moment”. But, what did the Buddha Shakyamuni say about Right Mindfulness? One is mindful to abandon wrong view and to enter and remain in … Continue reading

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The Four Reliances

When studying the Dharma, rely on the message, not on the messenger; rely on the meaning, not on the words; rely on the intention of the teacher, not on your self-interested speculation; rely on the entirety of the teaching, not … Continue reading

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Examine Your Mind

To see if you’re aware of impermanence or not, check whether your plans are long or short term. To see if you perceive samsara as flawed or not, check how strong are your attachments. To see if you’ll attain liberation … Continue reading

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Children Know

Bai Juyi (772-846 CE) was an important poet and government officer during the Tang Dynasty in China. In his eightieth decade, he became interested in Buddhist teachings, and asked a Buddhist monk for the most essential Dharma instruction. The monk replied by … Continue reading

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