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Less Effort

Since beginningless time, we’ve gone through so much pain for transient pleasures. Yet with a thousand times less effort, we could have reached enlightenment itself. ―Ven. Rene Feusi

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Withholding Nothing

This body, and all my good besides, and all my merits gained and to be gained, I give them all away, withholding nothing, to bring about the benefit of beings. ―Shantideva

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Bodhisattva Prayer

May I be a guard for those who are protectorless, a guide for those who journey on the road; for those who wish to go across the water, may I be a boat, a raft, a bridge. May I be … Continue reading

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Confidence and Humility

Jigme Lingpa has advised us that, as practitioners, we need two things: confidence and humility. When you lose your inspiration, when you think that you are lazy and you don’t have devotion, then you should think, ‘The fact that I … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Teaching

The wise live by loving kindness. They live by compassion and sympathetic joy and in a constant state of equanimity towards cyclic existence. By thus training in concentration, they reach enlightenment. Having realized peace free of sorrow, awakening, one sees … Continue reading

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Real Monastics

Neither going about naked, nor with matted locks, nor filthy, nor fasting, nor lying on the ground, nor smearing oneself with ashes and dust, nor sitting on the heels in penance, can purify one who has not overcome doubt. Even … Continue reading

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Like birds landing on a treetop together, and then dispersing, we are together for a very short time. Therefore, it makes sense to live in harmony, in unconditional friendship. ―Bokar Rinpoche

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What seems to be external, the domain of the grasped, is pure. What seems to be internal, the grasping mind, is empty. What seems to lie in between is luminosity. May I recognize it! Joyful Buddhas of the three times, … Continue reading

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Speak Up for Beings!

Such speech as the Tathagata knows to be true, correct, and beneficial, even if unwelcome and disagreeable to others, the Tathagata knows the time to use such speech. … Why is that? Because the Tathagata has compassion for all beings. … Continue reading

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Virtues are acquired through endeavor, which rests wholly upon your conduct. So, to praise others for their virtues can but encourage one’s own efforts. ―Nagarjuna

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