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Do Not Forget

Do not forget the Lama Pray to him at all times. Do not forget death. Persist in the Dharma. Do not be carried away by thoughts. Watch the nature of mind. Do not forget sentient beings. With compassion, dedicate all … Continue reading

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Beyond the Reach of Intellect

Meditate on love to calm your emotions, concentrate on inhaling and exhaling to calm your mind, and direct your vital energies into the central channel so that you can directly experience the unblemished light beyond the reach of intellect. —Dolpopa … Continue reading

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The Supreme Abiding

Let us be able and upright, straightforward and gentle in speech, humble and not conceited, contented and easily satisfied, unburdened with duties and frugal in our ways.   Peaceful, calm, wise, and skillful, not proud or demanding in nature, let … Continue reading

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Beyond Extremes

“Samsara and nirvana are neither identical nor different”, first refutes identity: ultimate reality is established; provisional reality is not. Precisely because identity is denied, there can be no difference. There are not two established truths. Only the one is real, the … Continue reading

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True Friendship

Sooner or later, you will have to part from even your dearest friends. But one friend will never leave you, even though you may never be aware of its existence. It is the Buddha-nature, pure awareness. You begin to discover … Continue reading

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Contemplation on the Buddha

There is one contemplation, which when often practiced and much developed leads to the complete turning away from the world, to detachment, to stilling, to ceasing, to peace, to final penetrating knowledge, to enlightenment, and thus to the deathless dimension … Continue reading

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“I shall not pass away.”

When the Buddha had attained enlightenment, Mara tempted him once more, saying: “Pass away now, Lord, from existence! Let the Blessed One now die! Now is the time for the Blessed One to pass away!” The Buddha made reply as … Continue reading

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Upon the Multitudes

Just as the risen sun, with thousands of magnificent rays, illuminates the universe, shedding its light in turn, first on the highest summits, then the lower, then the plains, likewise does that Sun, the Victor, shed His light progressively upon … Continue reading

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Glide and Soar

Live more simply, more deliberately, more mindfully. Reduce and slow down the activities of body, speech, and mind; eliminate superfluous movement; glide and soar through life, like birds taking advantage of wind currents, barely flapping their wings.

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Neither Here Nor There

Through full knowing, those with compassionate love have completely severed all self-cherishing —they do not want to enter a personal nirvana because they dearly care for every sentient being. By reliance upon wisdom and compassion, the deeply realized abide neither … Continue reading

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