1506168_10150349687104943_325586071_oAt this very moment, for all peoples and nations of the Earth

May not even the names of disease, famine, war, and suffering be heard.

May pure conduct, merit, wealth and prosperity increase

And may supreme good fortune and well being always arise.


May our Teachers enlighten, instruct, and guide all sentient beings

In accord with Pure Dharma, free from sectarian enmity.

May our Leaders govern, protect, and love their subjects

In accord with Pure Dharma, free from envy and pride.

May our farmers, merchants, and professionals provide their goods and services

In accord with Pure Dharma, free from selfishness and greed.

May our workers produce honestly and skillfully

In accord with Pure Dharma, free from cruelty and resentment.

Without partisan spirit, we pray that all leaders

Be guided by the noblest and highest aspirations

And that they accept good counsel.

Through the union of wisdom and compassion

May they always accomplish their own purpose

The purposes of others, and great benefit.

May our leaders always care compassionately
For the sick, the unprotected, those stricken with suffering

The lowly, and the poor
And take special care to nourish them.

May they provide extensive care
For the persecuted, the victims of crop failure
The stricken, those suffering contagion
And for beings in conquered areas.

May they provide stricken farmers with seeds and sustenance.
May they eliminate high taxes levied by the previous leaders.
May they reduce the tax rate on harvests.

May they cause the blind, the sick, the lowly
The protectorless, the destitute
And the crippled equally to obtain
Food and drink without interruption.

May they protect the poor from the pain of wanting.
May they set up no new tolls and reduce those that are heavy.
May they free traders from other lands from the afflictions
That come from waiting at our borders.

May they eliminate robbers and thieves
In our own and others’ countries.
May they set prices fairly
And keep profits level, even during scarcity.

May they use all wealth
Such that the exalted become free from pride
The equal become delighted
And the inclinations of the lowly are reversed.

May they remember always, and remind us

That through using wealth there is happiness here in this life

Through giving there is happiness in the future
From wasting it without using or giving it away there is only misery.

May they appoint ministers who know good policy
Who practice the Dharma, and who are civil
Pure, harmonious, undaunted, of good lineage
Of excellent ethics, and grateful.

May they appoint generals who are generous
Without attachments, brave, kindly
Who use the treasury properly, and who are steadfast
Always conscientious, and practice the good.

May they appoint ministers of righteous disposition, pure, and able
Who know what should be done, are skilled in governance
Understand good policy, are unbiased, and are kindly.

May they seek the counsel of good persons
Old in experience, of good lineage
Knowing good policy, who shrink from ill deeds
Are agreeable, and know what should be done.

May they continually honor in an exalted way
Those who are foundations of good qualities
With gifts, respect, and service
And likewise honor all the rest.

May they know full well the counsel that their ministers offer
And always enact it if it benefits the world.

May they always analyze well everything before they act
And through seeing things correctly as they are
Do not put full reliance on others.

May they take no pleasure in worldly talk
And take delight in what passes beyond the world.
May they cause good qualities to grow in others
In the same way they wish them for themselves.
When debating, may they not attack to the quick.
May they not talk about others with bad intent.

May they analyze and confess their own mistakes.

Considering the harm others do to them
As created by their former deeds, may they not come to anger.
May they act such that further suffering will not be created
And their own faults will disappear.

Without hope of reward may they provide help to others
Bear suffering alone, and share their pleasures with beggars.

May they not be inflated even by the prosperity of gods.
May they not be depressed even by the poverty of hungry ghosts.

For their own sake may they always speak the truth
Even should it cause their death or ruin their governance.
May they not speak in any other way.

May they always be of exalted mind
And take delight in exalted deeds.
From exalted actions arise all effects that are exalted.

Just as they are intent on thinking
Of what could be done to help themselves
May they be intent on thinking
Of what could be done to help others.

If only for a moment, may they make themselves
Available for the use of others
Just as earth, water, fire, wind, healing herbs
And forests are available to all.

May they root out completely from themselves
The faults the wise decry in others
And through their influence
Also cause others to do the same.

May they always generate an attitude of altruism
Even for all those embodied beings
Who have committed awful ill deeds.

Especially may they generate compassion
For those whose ill deeds are horrible, the murderers.
Those of fallen nature are receptacles
Of compassion from those whose nature is magnanimous.

Just as deficient children are punished
Out of a wish to make them competent,
So punishment should be carried out with compassion,
Not through hatred nor desire for wealth.

Through these practices the nations will be happy,
And a broad canopy of fame will rise in all directions.

om ah hum so’ha

About Tashi Nyima

I am a Dharma student, and aspire to be a companion on the path. I trust that these texts can offer a general approach and basic tools for practicing the Buddha's way to enlightenment. ||| Soy un estudiante del Dharma, y aspiro a ser un compañero en el sendero. Espero que estos textos ofrezcan a algunos un mapa general y herramientas básicas para la práctica del sendero a la iluminación que nos ofrece el Buda.
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  1. says:

    Very Happy Nerw Year 2014 ! May all your wishes come tru ! Many many THANKS for your Posts ! Congratulation keep going as you do, world need people like you ! Tashi Deleck

    Love & Lights Alain

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