Overcoming Delusion

moon-sun-and-flameAs long as delusion[1] has not ceased,

it is impossible for the manifestation of delusion,

the cycle of birth and death, to cease.

As long as the circulation of the vital winds[2] has not stopped,

it is impossible for the stream of consciousness[3] to stop.

While the stream of mind and mental events have not stopped,

it is also impossible for the external manifestation of delusion, the three worlds[4], to stop.

With the wish to transcend the three worlds, whose nature is suffering,

abandon all distractions and cultivate the profound Vajrayoga[5],

the sublime instruction[6] from the mouth of the excellent master.

In this way, the circulation of the vital winds and the mindstream will stop.

—Kunchen Dolpopa, The Fourth Council

[1] Delusion is the inability to see things as they are: whatever exists as existing, and whatever does not exist as not existing, free of the extremes of exaggeration and deprecation, eternalism and nihilism.

[2] Although this term has many possible referents, in this case it signifies the karmic tendencies that compel sentient beings to act, incited by afflicted emotions.

[3] The ground consciousness, the repository of all karmic seeds, impressions, and formations directs all experiences in the direction established by previous actions.

[4] ‘The three worlds’ is a term that stands for all phenomena in the external and internal experience of sentient beings.

[5] Vajrayoga is the six-branch practice of the completion stage: withdrawal (pratyahara), concentration (dhyana), restraint of the vital winds (pranayama), retention (dharana), remembrance (anusmriti), and absorption (samadhi).

[6] Vajrayoga instruction must be received directly from a qualified teacher in the line of disciplic succession.

About Tashi Nyima

I am a Dharma student, and aspire to be a companion on the path. I trust that these texts can offer a general approach and basic tools for practicing the Buddha's way to enlightenment. ||| Soy un estudiante del Dharma, y aspiro a ser un compañero en el sendero. Espero que estos textos ofrezcan a algunos un mapa general y herramientas básicas para la práctica del sendero a la iluminación que nos ofrece el Buda.
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