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The foolish proclaim their qualifications; the wise keep them secret within. A straw floats on the surface of water, but a precious gem sinks to the depths.  Those with little learning show great pride. Grown wise, they are quiet. Torrents … Continue reading

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Essential Practice

When faced with the four inevitable events of every life (birth, disease, aging, and death), we realize that most of our daily concerns are vain and superficial. Those things that seem so important in the moment fade away. We regain … Continue reading

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“Three Purities” & “Pig’s Delight”

In an attempt to justify their appetite for the flesh of animals, some individuals allege that the Buddha permitted the consumption of meat under three conditions, and that the Buddha himself ate pork. These are patently specious claims.  The Pali … Continue reading

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Bodhichitta, the mind of enlightenment

Bodhichitta, the mind of enlightenment, is no other than the mind that makes beings desire to attain enlightenment. The mind desirous of enlightenment is no other than the mind that works for the universal deliverance of all beings.  The mind … Continue reading

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‘Sacred’ languages

The Buddha Shakyamuni instructed us to share the Dharma in the language of each community. While it is appropriate for ethnic groups from traditionally Buddhist countries to come together and share the Dharma in their own languages, it is the … Continue reading

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True Friends

The taker, one who speaks empty words, the flatterer, the reckless —these four are not true friends.  The wise understand this and keep them at a distance, as they would a dangerous path.  The helper, the one who accompanies us … Continue reading

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“Lose ten pounds in one day!!!”

So, you gained a few pounds during the Holidays… Like clockwork, the diet season is once again upon us. We are bound to see many ‘new and improved’ schemes added to the already bloated list of useless regimens accumulated during … Continue reading

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Happy New Now!

There are no auspicious or inauspicious days. It is only our thoughts, words, and deeds that make them so. Each moment is a perfect opportunity; each day is entirely new. Whatever date the calendar may say it is, it is … Continue reading

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