Overcome the 5 hindrances

As we overcome the five hindrances to spiritual cultivation:

  • to be free of sensual desire is like being relieved from debt;
  • to be free from aversion is like recovering from physical illness;
  • to be unobstructed by sloth and torpor is like being released from prison;
  • to be free from agitation, restlessness, and worry is like being liberated from slavery; and
  • to overcome doubt resembles crossing a dangerous desert safely.

About Tashi Nyima

I am a Dharma student, and aspire to be a companion on the path. I trust that these texts can offer a general approach and basic tools for practicing the Buddha's way to enlightenment. ||| Soy un estudiante del Dharma, y aspiro a ser un compañero en el sendero. Espero que estos textos ofrezcan a algunos un mapa general y herramientas básicas para la práctica del sendero a la iluminación que nos ofrece el Buda.
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4 Responses to Overcome the 5 hindrances

  1. Deborah Joan says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your blessings with me. I say Thank you for all of us; all beings sharing consciousness and experiencing life. What a journey! Finding your blog is a sweet gift.

  2. quncipher says:

    Tashi, what does torpor mean?

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