Tolerance and cruelty

To forgive is not synonymous with tolerance for wrongful actions. Forgiveness only requires that the actions we take be inspired by sincere love and compassion, instead of anger and resentment.

Tolerating bad behavior can be a form of cruelty, since we afford wrongdoers the continued opportunity to accumulate negative karma, for which they will suffer sooner or later.

In any case, resentment only harms those who feel it, and not those to whom it is directed.

About Tashi Nyima

I am a Dharma student, and aspire to be a companion on the path. I trust that these texts can offer a general approach and basic tools for practicing the Buddha's way to enlightenment. ||| Soy un estudiante del Dharma, y aspiro a ser un compañero en el sendero. Espero que estos textos ofrezcan a algunos un mapa general y herramientas básicas para la práctica del sendero a la iluminación que nos ofrece el Buda.
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1 Response to Tolerance and cruelty

  1. Blue Garuda says:

    It is relatively easy to feel sorry for those who are suffering, and to feel anger at those who cause it.

    However, compassion is all about doing what is most beneficlal. Those who cause suffering also need our help and compassion, even if it means wrathful behaviour.

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